Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thank They Lord

Knobler goes to practice:

Only Boris Valabik and Jim Slater are missing from practice today in Duluth. The lines:

Boulton-Perrin-Thorburn (Sterling)


How very. I can't wait for the Czar's return.


FrenchCatalogues said...

The headline just made me smile when I read Knobler. Kovy, Bogo, and Batemen have been missed. It's time to let the govs take charge.

Anonymous said...

If Hossa scores tomorrow he ties Kovy for goals this season. We can't. let. that. happen.

FrenchCatalogues said...

We held off Ovy, but the Red Wings work alot differently than the Caps. We just need to take it to either Conklin or Os(not so)good early. Keep those bastards down.

Big Shooter said...

T Recaps - If Hossa gets a goal tomorrow he will be 3 behind Kovy after The Czar gets his hat trick...

Anonymous said...

Big Shooter, why stop at just a hat trick? Kovy has four games worth of goals to make up.

I want to hate Hossa for basically bending Atlanta over last year, but I do respect the fact that he took A LOT less money to go to Detroit to win a Cup. At least he is a man of his word and didn't go for top dollar.

Random thoughts:

I wonder if Heatley would ever come back?

Have the last 10 years all really been Waddell's fault?

Is Zach Bogosian = Paul Coffey 2.0?

Is Rich Peverley = Marc Savard 2.0?

Speaking of Marc Savard, is he a huge walking pussy after supposedly backing down from "The Nutslapper" Sid Crosby?

Why do I feel like following this team has taken years off my life?

This is a playoff team next year, though.

I like Anssi Samella. But it's hard not calling him salmonella.

I like the fact that it's possible for the Thrashers at some point to give another team salmonella and Crabbs. We're a dirty bunch.

Mathieu Schneider might have been the most important member of this team this year, and for years to come. Thanks Matt.

Mike Comrie and Mike Fisher need to sign with the Thrashers. Hillary Duff and Carrie Underwood would like Atlanta much more than Ottawa.

Why does the crowd always yell "KNIGHT!" during the national anthem? It was a minor league team and it no longer exists. Get over it. Wouldn't it make much more sense for people in Atlanta to scream "BRAVE!" at the end of the anthem? Just wondering.

I love Russian interviews. No PC bullshit. Just straight forward opinions. Love it.

I sure as hell hope that tomorrow night's game isn't like the preseason game and become another home game for the Wings. That game back in October was truly pathetic as far as Thrasher fans are concerned. We can do better!

FrenchCatalogues said...

The Knights were a dear team. They actually won. Big Shooter was a huge Knights fan. It's civic pride. People do scream Brave, at Braves games, or put an emphasis on it more. Knights is hockey. It's just that connection.

Heatley won't come back. He just won't. Bad memories haunt him.

We could write a novel about why the last decade is not totally on DW. Car crashes, bad number 1 picks, goalies that can't last, player attitudes and so on.

It was our own fault for not resigning Savvy.