Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Few Words on Last Night

Now that I can officially write in English again:

- Townhall meeting wasn't anything interesting, except for a surprise appearance by Ilya Kovalchuk. The whole crowd, including me, squealed like preteen girls and gave him a furious standing ovation. Because he's the Czar.

- Kovy gave a quick speech thanking us for our support, acknowledged that this season has been frustrating, but promised a much better effort and asked for continued support and noise.

- I really can't remember anything DW said.

- Someone made a good point about the utter Fail of the Thrashers' marketing department. Something about that really needs to be changed. Bad colors, embarassing slogans, dumb videos and advertisements. I suggest that the slogan for next year be "Come get cozy with Kovy."

- Apparently not a few of our fellow fans really dislike the Blue Crew. Their complex reasons for this are beyond my understanding.

- The much-hyped protest was pretty much non-existent.

- More importantly, how awesome were the Thrashers last night? That's the best defensive play I've seen from them all...EVER, actually.


The Church said...

Request: Further explanation, as futile as it may be, as to why fellow fans dislike the Blue Crew. This stance is clearly insane, and thus piques my interest.

Anonymous said...

Nothing like donkey punching those canadian scum in our own house. blue crew = heterosexual male fantasy and thus should be included in all sports period, unless testical garguling is a sport.

Anonymous said...

i know if anything there should be more of them, like everywhere you look.

Anonymous said...

lol on the preteen girls thing, I can picture that happening.

Anonymous said...

How many people showed up?