Thursday, February 19, 2009

It Turns Out All They Needed Were Acme Glasses

I would photoshop a brown thrasher's head onto the Roadrunner, but you can use your imagination.

Yes, I'm disappointed. True, we didn't play as well as we did against Anaheim and Los Angeles.

But the Thrashers, again, played pretty well, and Governors of Hockey Ilya Kovalchuk and Bryan Little (not to mention Erik Christensen) continue to score like nobody's business. How about Kovy's pass to Little, and the goal that followed? Those two are made for each other.

Kari was flinging his glove hither and thither like a snow leopard poucing from rock to rock in front of a hockey net, blocking shots and hunting mountain goats.

Zach Bogosian is, I'm sorry, going to be a GREAT hockey player. He gets more confident every game. Handsome fella as well.

You can take pride in your Thrashers now. They seem to have gotten something together in terms of scoring, chemistry, and playing consistently throughout the game and from game to game. It's no bad thing that they lost this game deep into the longest and most insane shootout of all time.


FrenchCatalogues said...

We weren't supposed to win any games on this trip. I'll take the point and the current record. Little and Kovy just feels so good.

The Falconer said...

Pretty decent trip as F.C. notes above. I live in fear of the Sharks though, they could destroy us if they come to play that night.

Big Shooter said...

It will indeed be interesting to see how we play against the Sharks.

Mortimer Peacock said...


Yeah, I'm scared to death of the Sharks. They're pretty much unbeatable unless a) you're a comparably talented team (the Red Wings), b) you play a super-defensive trapping style (Blue Jackets), or c) you somehow force a shootout (everyone else who'se beaten them this season, I believe).

I think our only way to win is option C.