Monday, February 16, 2009

Bogo On His Heritage

Bogo writes up on the Blueland Blog about his Armenian heritage and playing in LA. A fair amount of Armenian people live in LA, and the Kings have heritage nights throughout the season. Tonight is Armenian Heritage Night. This is another reason why I love the Kings. They get that there are a lot of people that live in the city, and they should try to appeal or draw them in.

Why doesn't Atlanta do this? It's a great idea, and anytime we acknowledge another culture on a day or holiday I love it. It's fun too. If they could find a way to appeal to other groups in Atlanta, I'd be floored.

This should be fun for Bogo though. Hopefully there will be a large amount of Armenian people in the Staples Center tonight rooting him on. It's kind of like when Brazilian tennis player Gustavo Kuerten used to play, and in the stands in the American tournaments, mainly the US Open, there would be a bunch of Brazilian people in the stands going crazy for him and waving the Brazilian flag. It was awesome. Could you imagine that at a hockey game!? It gets crazy enough at times, but then you can have other groups of people that'd be proud to back up a player. Talk about a sport unifying people across the board. Atlanta is a diverse city; hopefully one day the Thrashers could try to appeal to that.

Also I just want to add how impressive a human being Bogo is. He knows his history too. So happy to have him on our team.


Mortimer Peacock said...

What a pleasant young man. Nice to have the first Armenian player in the NHL. I like LA's Heritage Nights idea. Sounds cool.

And remember kids, your US Congress voted against recognizing the Armenian genocide for fear of upsetting Turkey.

Sarah said...

The genocide thing is an incredibly important piece of history we should all know about, and it sucks that our own government has been so complacent in the continued white washing of that human tragedy.

That said, that is heavy, serious stuff. Can't he just talk about Armenians and their big butts? I'm sure the NHL would be all over a "Zach Bogosian talks heritage with the Kardashian sisters" feature on

Sarah said...

oh, and Bogosian really does sound like a kid with his head on straight. I'm really pulling for him to have an outstanding and long career.

I know Mathieu will be cheering him on all the way.

Laura (aka Hildymac) said...

It's nice to grow the Atlanta Armenian community by one... to 2. It was so lonely for me here. :) Anywho, the US whitewashed the genocide b/c we didn't want to tick off Turkey b/c we had planes stationed there. Typical BS.