Sunday, January 24, 2010

The State of Things

The Thrashers are in a death spiral, the Kovalchuk situation remains mysterious, and John Anderson is still destructively enamored of Todd White. Glut thy sorrow on this picture of happier times:

pictured above: the outlook for the Thrashers last November

Thanks to all who've voted in our important poll. We'll organize a scandalous party soon enough. It can't be this coming weekend, sadly, because your Chronicle will be journeying up to Nashville to watch the Thrashers play the Predators. We're not going as part of the massive Atlanta Thrashers Fan Club delegation because we caught word that they have to return to Atlanta as soon as the game ends, whereas we intend to put on our spurs and go carousing. We'll come up with a time and place for the Chronicle's Epic 2nd Birthday very soon though.

The Thrashers are hilariously 3 points out of a playoff position at the moment, with a ton of teams in contention. How confident do you feel?


Anonymous said...

Less the snow ball's chance in hell.

About as confident as an unemployed person with a sub-prime loan.

About as confident as Obama getting universal health care and a balance budget.

About as confident of the ASG getting together for a reunion with Steve Belkin.

About as confident as Conan O'Brien getting the Tonight Show gig back.

In other words, NO WAY. They suck!!

Wayne stuck in AL said...

Forget it...this team's history gives NO ONE a cause for optimism.

As for me, I'm jumping on the Nashville and Phoenix bandwagons.

Jay said...

Well, the trade vultures are circling around Kovalchuk, the power play has become no more than perimeter passing, Kozlov is a dead corpse that is propped up on said power play ala Weekend at Bernie's, Todd White has gone back to being Todd White, Maxim Afinogenov is showing us why Buffalo gave up on him finally, Evander Kane apparently still hasn't earned the trust of the coaching staff for a bigger role on the team, and the defense has been rather offensive and I don't mean that in a good way. However, even with all of this happening, a nine game losing streak to bring in the New Year, and fewer and fewer fans seemingly turning out to see them play, the Thrashers still only sit three points out of the playoffs. Washington, Buffalo, New jersey, Pittsburgh, and probably a healthier Ottawa are the top 5. That leaves eight teams fighting for three spots. The Rangers are Lundqvist, Gaborik, and pray. The Bruins are a mess right now. The Flyers are hugely inconsistent, and I don't trust Ray Emery in goal for some reason. The Islanders are due to come back to earth at some point. The Panthers might lose some ground with Booth AND Horton being out now. Vokoun can only do so much. The Lightning really don't impress me past Stamkos and St. Louis. I really can't think of anything negative about the Canadiens right now for some reason. I like their goaltending, love Markov, and they seem to get decent scoring. For the most part, all of these teams are flawed and I can see the Thrashers beating all of them. I mean, really, look how bad things seem to be, and WE'RE STILL IN IT. I'd like to think our bad streaks are over. 6th place is still reachable for this team. They need to play with a sense of urgency, though.

Mutton Sourdough said...

I kinda agree with Jay here. With all the suckage the Thrashers have done since Thanksgiving (US) they still have a chance. Not much maybe, but they do in fact have a chance.

I still think they can do it, but it's very near the point where I think it becomes insurmountable.

Jared said...

I think this accurately sums my feelings up on this matter:

A2B said...

Ok, so if we are so depressed about this the Thrashers do have one ace up their sleve they can pull that might shift things. If, and I say if with hesitation, Kari does return to form when we made the playoffs, look out. We can gamble to trade Kovy, get in the playoffs without him, and maybe get lucky and sign him if he doesnt up with the rental team. I know I'm being giddy optomistic, but with the way this season has gone anything can happen

GoPuckYourself said...

Hah! Confident in this team? You're kidding, right?

aaron said...

Places to visit in Nashville: Mulligan's on second is excellent for corned beef and Guinness, and the Ernest Tubb Record Shop on B'way for all your wife-leavin, beer-drinkin, dog-dyin, truck-not-startin musical needs. All within walking distance of the arena. Stay out late, carouse and be merry.

Mortimer Peacock said...

Thanks for the recommendations! It is great in Nashville, isn't it? You're walking along in the downtown area and it's like Bar, Bar, Bar, Hockey Arena, Bar, Bar.

aaron said...

And you can't swing a stick without hitting a half-dozen of the best geetar pickers you ever seen. One of my favorite towns.

Lisa Lewis said...

Actually not everyone from the club is returning after the game. Most are staying overnight. Just the folks that rode the bus are returning after the game.

I do hope you guys will come tailgate with us. The tailgate is starting around 4:00 in the parking lot behind the arena.

There is close to 500 fans making this trip so it is going to be a huge party.