Thursday, January 28, 2010

GAME DAY: Flyers

^----it's a flyer

Lord knows it gets old talking about Kovalchuk, so let's focus on...what, exactly? Our goalie situation, maybe? YES, let's talk about that.

So far, Kari Lehtonen is 1-1-0 in Chicago; he stopped 25 of 27 shots last night to give the Wolves a 5-2 win over somebody or other. This means something, presumably.

Meanwhile, we have several other goalies from whom Kari may or may not take the starting job. Even if we trade Kari, we'll have to play him a bit to increase his value. Like, DUH, indeed, of course. Now then, Thrashfans, who is your pick for starting goaltender? What would you do (WWYD)?

Tonight the Thrashers play the Philadelphia Flyers. The Thrash finally broke their anti-Flyers victory drought in a game earlier this season; will they now embark on a multi-game reign of terror to make up for lost time, against the Flyers and against the rest of the hockey world? Time will tell.

So, Kovalchuk. Like I said in the comments below Razor's last post, I'm a bit puzzled by some people's certainty that we're going to get a franchise-saving, Stanley Cup-contending return for Kovalchuk. Very little in our team's history indicates that will happen. No reason to not trade him, of course. I just don't see how anyone can't look at the history of Thrashers transactions and be anything other than serenely pessimistic.

Now. THAT SAID, if the Thrashers win tonight they'll be in 6th place. How the hell is that possible? What a country...

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