Friday, January 29, 2010

I Get Home.....

Tonight I was at an event and had no way of seeing the score. So I arrive home at this hour, 3:00 AM to see the score. Lets just say I'm pretty happy. I look at the box score to see we came back. I feel foolish for not seeing it, but again, I was in no way able to see the scores.

I know it's a tight lead, but sixth place feels good, even for a second. Evander Kane, god bless him. I can only hope this is like last year, when we went to Nashville and had a turn around.


Jay said...

It was a great game to watch. One of those games that when the season is over you could say, "That was the turning point in the season". Or at least we can hope right now.

A2B said...

I would also say, someone spoke to the Czar about D because he single handedly saved 2 goals last night by outskating our entire team to break up odd man rushes. Not to mention that goal the thrid was pure "I want it more than you do" type of goal.

Alas, we cannot forget the turtled Moose save, that was sheer brilliance playing with his sweater over his head. It wasn't pretty, but it worked.

Now that I say that, it seems that was the theme last night. Nothing pretty, just hard work wins games. Hopefully they stick to that and let Kane terrorize down the wing, that was awesome to watch.

h said...

If Kane doesn't start getting PP minutes and more ice time, Anderson should be fired. Let him LOOSE!

j_barty_party said...

Frenchy - keep posting on the blog cuz it seems to bring us some good luck. I have it DVR'ed if you need to check out some of the hi-lites next week. Are you in for Sunday?

That was a crazy 3rd period. Right before Kovy scored, I said to K-belle that they need a quick momentum goal to get back into it. Nice set play off the face-off. As for Kane and Jimmy Skandalous, what more can you say? Well, they could've played better D. 3 goals to Carcillo, Giroux and Ass-ham??

Our defense MUST improve at the end of games with a lead. We are putting way too much pressure on our netminders. I know Johnny likes to keep the gap between the D and the forwards small, but why on God's green earth was Kubina so close to the defensive blueline on the Simon Gagne / Ichabod Moose play??? That makes no sense! When you are protecting a lead, the D-men should be playing the top of the circles, n'est-ce pas?

Shooter, our resident rec league D-man, can certainly add some feedback to that "opinion", but it seems assinine to let forwards get behind you that easily. It would be like outfielders not playing deep or on the lines in the 9th inning with a 2 run lead.

PS -- fellas, be VERY careful heading up to Nash-vegas...get back safely eh?