Thursday, January 7, 2010

Entertain Me! GAME DAY: NY Rangers

Now then. You'll remember that the Thrashers have been known to play the occasional home game. Tonight is one of those nights; I like to think of it as "Morty and Thrashers Date Night." They never bring me flowers.


Antropov is hurt. Moose is starting.


Craig Custance with a humdinger on the Kovy situation:

Kovalchuk has told the organization he wants to be an Atlanta Thrasher for life. In October, pleased with where the team was heading, he green-lighted the possibility of a long-term deal with the team that drafted him.
If he's signing long term, ideally he'd like the max. Wouldn't we all? That would mean an annual salary of $11.36 million -- or 20 percent of the salary cap ($56.8 million) allowed by CBA guidelines. He might settle for less. But not too much less.
The Thrashers are open to the idea of a deal that could run as long as 12 years, but the question they have to answer is this: Will a 39-year-old Kovalchuk be worth $10 million? Or $9 million?
If Thrashers ownership doesn't want to pay the $100-plus million it could take to keep Kovalchuk in Atlanta for the next decade, Waddell will have to trade him, although he's not saying that. It's a decision he won't make until he's absolutely convinced an extension can't be done. He's not there yet.
the front-runners have to be the Los Angeles Kings, the first team many people in hockey mention as the most logical Kovalchuk destination. The Boston Bruins could also use the scoring and GM Peter Chiarelli has acquired a pile of assets to make it happen.

And what about Washington? Think about that for a second -- a team with fellow Russian superstars Ovechkin and Kovalchuk.

Capitals GM George McPhee has done an admirable job creating cap space over the course of the season as the trade deadline closes in, perhaps enough to make the Capitals a serious consideration. Especially if Alexander Semin is in the deal.

Read the whole thing. BLAH. We'll get back to original content sometime soon.


Mutton Sourdough said...

C-Viv said on Twitter that Moose has NYR's #

Hope so. That Avery "delinquent" as Turco described him is back with the Rags. Whom does he so infuriate that they take a swing at him tonight? Kovy? Little? Kubina?

GoPuckYourself said...

Avery could drop his pants and defecate on the ice, and I doubt anybody on our team would do anything about or even notice.

10 in a row, baby! WOOOOO!!! LEZ GO TRASHERZ!!!

(Ironically, the word I have to type to verify this post is "brave." Even Blogger knows we suck.)

Anonymous said...

Ten is such a nice even number. I think this losing streak NEEDS a nice number. How high can we go? This apparently is the only entertainment we are going to get out of this season.