Monday, January 4, 2010

Morning Briefing

- Your Team USA blazed the Swedes last night 5-2 thanks to a late outburst of goals. Jeremy Morin had the assist (a sweet pass indeed) on the game-winning goal. The USians will battle comical athletes from the Beaver Republic in the gold medal game. Should be awfully exciting. [TSN]

- Oh yeah before that Canada beat the pants off a surprisingly good Swiss team. Taylor Hall, etc. etc. [TSN]

- The Chicago Blackhawks organization is an interesting one. They just hired former Chicago Tribune sports columnist Bob Verdi as official "team historian." Why don't the Thrashers have a team historian to write wistful vignettes about the team's past, from Patrik Stefan to the '07 sweep to Hossagate? I nominate Big Shooter. [Chicago Tribune]

- As we pointed out last night, Fourth Period editor Dave Pagnotta is just cold goin' nuts over the fact that this week, perhaps as early as today, we'll likely find some clarity about the Kovalchuk situation. "Thrashers have a deal on the table," he says. I would certainly hope so. [Dave Pagnotta Twitter]

- Where do you go for your Kovalchuk contract updates? Why, the Blueland Chronicle, of course.


j_barty_party said...

Big news on a very good Russian winger / sniper signing an extension!! The wait and see continues...sweet!

Sorry, it's only Alex Semin.

But it DOES happen.

Mutton Sourdough said...

That Morin kid, he seems pretty impressive. What do yall think of him as a player?

Im thinking he plays the overage year in juniors & then goes to the AHL for a year or two, but is able to stick at the NHL level after a little while. Kinda like Brett Sterling might have if he were 6-1 or so.

Big Shooter said...

Morin is very impressive. He certainly needs to work on a few things (skating) but I expect him to be an impact player at some point.

I was going to due a post about him today, but with Kovygate going on, not sure I'll do it.

Mutton Sourdough said...

It kinda seems to me that Morin is almost the exact opposite of Slater.

Slater: Very fast skater, maybe not very agile, creates scoring chances from sheer speed then cant seem to finish due to slow hands and/or the mind of a forechecker not a finisher.

Morin: Slow as cold molasses going up a frozen hill in a snowstorm, but reads the game well enough to be in a position to score and has the hands and shot to bury it 9 outta 10.

Mortimer Peacock said...

Mr. Sourdough-

Exactly. Interesting comparison. All I'll say is I'm definitely looking forward to both Morin and Carl Klingberg. If we still have a team by that time.


Just go ahead and write the Morin post. Clearly no one is going to find out about Kovy, ever.