Monday, January 25, 2010

Can't Even Imagine the Blogroll Re-Arrangements...

Okay, somehow I missed this.

I knew that famed hockey blogger James Mirtle was running off to cover the Maple Leafs as beat writer for the Globe and Mail, but I only just now found out that his old spot at From the Rink will now be occupied by friend of the Chronicle Mike Chen. You probably know him from his old blog and from that cartoon-filled treasure house the Battle of California. This is a good change.

Mike Chen is that rare beast in the hockey blogosphere, or more precisely he's several rare beasts rolled into one: a writer who can actually write, a dude who always finds a way to make his posts interesting and engaging and non-banal, a tennis fan, and a connoisseur of great music. Long may he flourish, at his new station and elsewhere.

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Anonymous said...

That's great, I love reading From the Rink and BoC, what a great replacement.