Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Campbell, D'Amigo, Stepan, Carlson, Morin and co. Blaze the Queen's Subjects, For Freedom

You Just Got Blazed


Jeremy Morin once told us that Jack Campbell was the real deal. He was right.

The Thrashers suck donkey balls.


Big Shooter said...

What a game! You just got Blaised!! Just wait till tomorrow morning when Big Shooter does his Epic USA Hockey post. Woooo!!!!

Anonymous said...

Kovy -3, At least "look" like you want to back check. Not captain material.

Jay said...

WHHYYYYYYYYYY?!?!?!? Dear God and Baby Jesus when does the pain end?!?!?!?!? The Thrashers will have nine wins this month. Book it. The Slovakian Junior team could get five wins with the January schedule that the Thrashers have remaining. In regards to the Junior Championships, I found it funny that when the USA scored the winning goal in OT, all of the sudden you could hear the US players screaming for joy and crickets in the stands. I've never heard a place get so quiet so fast in my life. Too bad, had Canada won they could have had their choice of Gold medals or the Coyotes.

A2B said...

I hope Gary Bettman was watching that game... sweet baby Jesus that was fun to watch. Up and down and the refs actually let the players play that game and not call tick-tacky penalties. D'amigo is a beast. Anyone see Morin light up that Canada forward in the thrird?

j_barty_party said...

We need to make another trade RIGHT NOW with the Toronto Buds to get our hands on D'Amigo! I knew there was an extra special reason I liked him (aside from his bad-ass play and 2 goals): he matriculates at RPI! Now that is a smart lad who knows where to hone his skills (Adam Oates, Joey Juneau, Darren Puppa say wuzzup?) for the big leagues.

Here's a proposal:

TOR gets: Pavelec, White, Hainsey and that guy Kovalchuk

ATL gets: D'Amigo, Tyler Bozak, Vesa Toskala (I like the name!), Jason Blake and a bushel o' picks

Then turnaround and try to fleece the Rangers for Derek Stepan. But I'm not sure how we do that?

Perhaps this?

NYR gets: Kubina, Afinogenov, Army and a prospect not named Morin, Klingberg or Postma

ATL gets: Stepan, Drury, Boyle

Big Shooter said...

The Puppa Scuppa!!! Nice with the old goalie references Speaker. First Don Beaupre and now the Puppa!!!

j_barty_party said...

Next, I'll take Ron Tugnutt for 1,000 Alex!

Big Shooter said...

Blaine Lacher for $200 please.

Mutton Sourdough said...

Speaker - Like the trade idea with Toronto (if Kovy won't re-sign here of course. But then all these trade scenarios are assuming that) except that I've never really been sold on Jason Blake. Instead of Blake Id ask for an extra bag of pucks.

And not many can fleece Glen Sather in a trade (different story ALTOGETHER in FA signings, ha) so I would recommend bringing in a 3rd team with a gm who aint good at trades (Burkie?) and get HIM to take the bad end of it.