Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen, I've Found a New Owner For Your Thrashers

Harvey Weinstein. Since he no longer has anything better to do and he wants the name back anyway, he should buy the team and re-name them the MIRAMAX Atlanta Thrashers. In terms of expenses, I'd imagine the team costs somewhere between Clerks and Gangs of New York.

Says some lady:

“I refuse to believe it will go away forever,” said Amanda Lundberg of 42West, who spent eight years of her life at the company.

“I think Miramax is too strong a brand to not exist in some incarnation...

Like as a hockey team, maybe?


FrenchCatalogues said...

Do you know how great itd be? Our production and marketing go crazy. No more shitty videos. Itd be real deal, like LA Kings good.

Mortimer Peacock said...

Kevin Smith on Miramax: "They were the gold standard. They were the Edmonton Oilers, circa Gretzky; and for a few seasons, I skated for a dynasty team that raised the Cup multiple times, year after year." A reference to the Hockey!

Anyway, yeah. This must happen.

GoPuckYourself said...

Good points on the video production and whatnot, but I have another person who's got some time on their hands who should buy the team.

We'd no longer have our maroon uniforms, which would put 8-10 points back in the victory column. We'd have an owner so drunk/crazy/stupid that Don Waddell may actually quit because he can't actually understand what she's telling him to do. Her flashing of the crowd every 3 minutes would be far more entertaining than Thrash and that f'n T-shirt gun. And chances are she wouldn't be above drugging Kovalchuk and Grossman and making them sign a contract for 2 million a year.

Just my opinion.

Mortimer Peacock said...


Your description is tantalizing but your link is wonky. WHY?

Wayne stuck in AL said...

One thing...we'll have FAAAAAAABULOUS uniforms!

GoPuckYourself said...

Morty-Not sure why the link didn't work, but if you actually want to go and google Donatella Versace, be my guest.

<--not recommending anybody actually google Donatella Versace. That shit will make you go blind.