Thursday, January 28, 2010

Blogging Disasters

AHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA so Razor Catch Prey and Mortimer Peacock just both wrote THE EXACT SAME GODDAMN POST but in different words, with different pictures. Here's version 1 and here's version 2; pick your favorite. What a bunch of morons. That's the Age of Twitter for you.


Razor Catch Prey said...

There's no contest. I have Wile E Coyote.


GoPuckYourself said...

Who the hell is this mole guy?

Big Shooter said...

The Short Handed Mole is our reporter here at the Chronicle. He has spent time in alcohol rehab. We used to work peacefully together at Chronicle headquarters, until he and I got into a vicious, eye gouging, fight.

We both have restraining orders against one another.

Mortimer Peacock said...

It's either

A) a mole who's taught himself to type English

B) a secret agent who's spying on us but goes around openly calling himself a "mole," for Comedy

C) one of the normal Chronicle staff in a mole costume

D) an ace reporter who never posts because he's always drunk or in rehab

Rawhide said...

I have the same problem with Trixie....