Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Time For Departure?

After reading Kevin Allen, Darren Dreger, Bob McKenzie, Puck Daddy, The Falconer, and The Hockey News one is certainly getting the feeling Kovy will be gone soon. I've had this feeling for a couple of weeks now. It's a terrible feeling, but there are few things that can get done to make this a little easier to deal with. I've heard LA, Boston, Philly, New York, and Chicago as the big players. At this point anyone could be in on it.

From LA who wouldn't love Brown and Johnson in particular? I don't know if they would give up Brown, but I know if they did I'd get giddy as a school girl. Also I'm a Kings fan. In Philly there are the obvious young guns like Giroux and van Riemsdyk. Chicago has Barker and Versteeg. One could go into depth about who goes with what and what kind of package, but I'm not. The Falconer has a nice post about this. All these players would be fine and would help the team. Simply put, it seems that an era will soon be gone, which is sad and exciting at the same time. I love Kovy, but it just seems that things have gone stagnant. We won last night, and that was great. And yet, there seems to be a lack of fire and passion right now.

Either way this team needs a shake up. I do think we could still make the playoffs if we get the right kind of deal done, or some kind of banshee takes over the team and goes on a tear. In the end, I'm not holding my breath any longer for an extension to be signed. Let's push things forward.


krisabelle said...

Yes. Frenchie, perfect summary. This is precisely how I feel.

Big Shooter said...

Who is Frenchie and what is he doing posting on our blog?

FrenchCatalogues said...

Religious studies class, had to do something to pass the time. Hyoh!

GoPuckYourself said...

The Falconer's article pretty much nails it, and then all of a sudden, I see this from Kevin Allen on Twitter...

"The Atlanta Thrashers have not given any team permission to talk contract with Ilya Kovalchuk's agent and they aren't planning to do so."

It's like ASG read the attempts online (like the Falconer's piece) to almost rationalize their not being able to keep the best player we've ever had, and then decide "You know what? FUCK IT. Let's do the opposite of what people think we should do. Hardy har har."

Do NOT trade this dude to Washington or Boston as a rental. I don't want to see ASG members in those cities (who I believe are even ticket holders in those markets) have a chance to win a Stanley Cup with the face of our franchise helping them get there.

Damnit, the stupidity in all this just makes me angry.