Monday, January 4, 2010

Jay Grossman is Airborn

Jay Grossman is apparently boarding a plane in Saskatoon right now. He's been out there watching the WJC which Shooter discusses below. Waddell reportedly went out there himself to negotiate with Grossman and catch some Jeremy Morin action as an added bonus.

Seeing Grossman's post about flying out BEFORE the end of the WJC, I immediately thought "He's on his way to Atlanta so Kovy can sign a contract!" But then saw that Allan Walsh is also at the Saskatoon airport right now, so I guess NHL agents just don't stick around the extra day to watch the gold medal game at the World Juniors.

Then again, maybe Grossman IS on his way to Atlanta to get Kovy re-signed and Walsh is on his way, too because Kovy made a demand that Ondrej the Giant get and extension as part of the deal.


Big Shooter said...

So I take the time to make a post and get bumped down minutes later because someone got on a plane?

And you asshats wonder why I don't post more!!!

Anonymous said...

"Nad gonnah do it...wouldn't be prudent at this juncture" (Thanks to George HW Bush). Kovy can make money AND go to a contender by trade or free agent signing in the summer. Why would he sign with this dysfuntional organization?

I will be shocked to point of throwing myself into the frozen fish pond behind my house if he signs an Extension.

Mortimer Peacock said...

It's so cold outside. So very cold...

GoPuckYourself said...

Yeah, it's colder when you go in for a 2nd interview...only to find out the marketing job you thought you were getting is actually a door-to-door sales job in rural Georgia. So I spent the whole day outside watching some asshat try and sell AT&T to people who can't speak English. And to make things better, TBC wouldn't load on my phone properly, so I was oblivious to any Kovalchuk-based shenanigans.

Spending 8 hours outside in this mess makes me appreciate even more the ball-roasting humidity that our Moose-loving neighbors of the north will never be able to experience.

(p.s.--anybody know if their company's hiring?)

Mortimer Peacock said...


That traveling salesman in rural GA gig sounds terrifying.

I'm dismayed that TBC wouldn't load on your phone. I was actually having some minor issues loading the page today as well. We'll have to hire some IT wizard and figure out server stuff. SURELY this is a server problem, right? I know so little about the machine upon which this blog is written.

And as for companies that might be hiring: would you be interested in telling the childrens why their essays suck or in copy-editing/writing stuff for a very bad magazine?

GoPuckYourself said...


I'm very interested. I was raised by former newspaper editors, so the idea of critiquing bad writing (and being paid to do so) is appealing. I've also done some copy writing as well. My e-mail's attached to my Blogger account. If you have any more information, I'd like to learn more. Thanks.

Mortimer Peacock said...


It's possible that I'm just missing it because I'm an imbecile, but I can't find your email address on your Blogger profile. THAT SAID, the reason I get to critique bad writing is because I do some tutoring, and to be honest I have absolutely zero idea whether the two services I'm semi-attached to are looking for more. Though you can find out here and here, I reckon:

As for the bad magazine, that was really just a joke, UNLESS you're willing to do some things for, like, no money at all, which I assume you're not. But if you are, I can offer a most intriguing opportunity if I ever figure out your email address.

GoPuckYourself said...

Wow. Blogger kind of sucks for not posting e-mail addresses. I appreciate the links on the tutoring gigs, and it's something I'll have to check out for sure.

And as for the magazine--right now, if it's something I can put on the resume, I'll do it. Money would be nice (obviously), but isn't a driving factor. Beggars can't be choosers in this economy. My e-mail's

Thanks again Morty.

Mortimer Peacock said...


Email sent!