Monday, January 4, 2010

If it be not now, yet it will come

For Dean Blaise's sake somebody make an actual decision. ANY decision.

Your Chronicle has been unusually busy today. I think the sheer volume of posting today calls for some kind of recap. Therefore:

First, there was your morning briefing, followed by a post of rumors and trade ruminations, true food for thought. Then Kari Lehtonen came back, and the Godafathers played that one song, and Dean Blaise came in and just started blazing people left and right. Then Jay Grossman escaped on a Cessna. We still don't know anything about the Kovalchuk affair. A decision, from somebody, from ANYBODY, would be no bad thing.


Mike Chen said...

Oh, if only you could put in a clip from Mystery Science Theater 3000's Hamlet.

aaron said...

a Cessna? Was his Gulfstream IV in the shop?

Boys, as a 30 year old man, I am finding myself increasingly unashamed to admit that the fetal position, a bottle of strong drink and hours of crying (and possibly wetting myself) maybe forthcoming.

That's... bad... isn't it?

oh, and +1 for the magnificent Mike Chen showing his MSTy-ness.

Mortimer Peacock said...

+1? Mike deserves at least a +1 and a bottle of claret for this.

"Hamlet will return in 'Thunderball'.'


Jay said...

Just wondering about a couple of things.

1. We all think the sky is falling with the Thrashers right now because of the lack of wins streak they are currently on, but, if before the season someone said that at the halfway point the Thrashers would be one game over .500(in NHL terms anyways), and within six or seven points of 5th place in the East, I'm sure we would have taken it in a heartbeat. There is still a lot of the hockey left.

2. Is it just me, but does this Kovalchuk "now or never" contract talk just so happen to be taking place just before Casino night where Waddell can make the glorious announcement of a Kovalchuk contract extension? I actually hope I'm really right on this one. Really, why wouldn't he sign? Who is going to give him more money, he loves Atlanta, this is a team that is actually set up pretty nice with good young talent that can compete for years to come, and if the hockey team is tied to Philips, then this team probably won't move during the duration of his contract. So what exactly is holding this up?

Razor Catch Prey said...

Jay- I expected better from this team than .500 at the midpoint, but I see your point. There's still plenty of time to turn it around. It was about the midpoint last season that the Pens were out of the playoffs. I don't really remember how that turned out for them...

As far as what is holding up Kovy signing, it's got to be a combination of 1) he's not sure we're set for long term success here, 2) he's interested in living in other North American cities, and 3) the KHL would pay him enough to buy Russia and become the actual Czar.

Big Shooter said...

If the announcement is made on Casino night, it will be just a coincident.

There is NO WAY Kovy has been signed and they are waiting to announce it at Casino night. NO WAY. Not saying the annoucement won't come at Casino night due to the timing of the contract (say if it happens earlier that day), but it's just silly to think they are holding off on a huge annoucement to wait for an event that might have a couple hundred people there.

Mortimer Peacock said...

Yeah, there's just no way that Kovy has already been signed and everyone's just waiting until Casino Night. That seems absolutely impossible in this day and age.

Jay said...

I'm not saying he has been signed, I'm thinking he will sign this week and they will announce it then. Just a hunch. A hunch I hope is right. :/