Sunday, January 3, 2010


Very hard to know what to say after that last game. It was a hell of a game to watch, certainly. Have to admit I didn't watch much of the first period at all: I just didn't feel interested in the game, and I was interested in watching the Best of the Larry Sanders Show DVD. I tuned in near the end of the 1st, saw the score was 3-0 Islanders, silently cursed the darkness, and clicked back to the DVD player.

Tuning in at some point in the 2nd, I saw that it was 5-3 Islanders. About half a minute later Rich Peverley scored to make it 5-4. Interesting. Needless to say, I watched the rest of the game. I was delighted to see Kovalchuk go so wild when he scored the tying goal. Glad we got another point for the standings, but I don't know where that puts us exactly, because I'm too scared to look at them.

It was still a loss. You don't need me to tell you that losing 8 in a row isn't a good thing, and looking for silver linings in a long slump like this is a fool's game. So is recommending anything too rash that we imagine might put a stop to the losing: recommendations like firing Anderson, trading Kovalchuk now (not that I'm against trading him sometime in the near future if it's clear he's not going to sign), and, bizarrely, stripping Kovalchuk of the captaincy.

Some kind of trade or waiver dump might add a jolt of energy, but until the Thrashers put together a healthy winning streak, and until Kovalchuk actually signs the damn contract, I can't feel any kind of optimistic certainty. I don't feel totally pessimistic either, but the fact is we don't know what's going to happen. At times like this I feel it's best to be stoic and resigned to the universe's whims.


j_barty_party said...

Morty - where the hell are Shooter and RCP?? I expect French to be this loathsome in posting, but uh, isn't this a "team" endeavor? ;-)

Seriously though, good post and you're right. Hard to say what is best course of action at this time. Waddell has not been historically good at cutting bait unless he's right up against the trade deadline. In all likelihood, he will wait as long as he can cuz his job is likely on the line if he doesn't re-ink Kovy. Why else would Dudley have been signed? There had to be some deal of pressure from mgmnt to get this dolt some help so he could focus more on day to day operations.

At this point, in terms of a roster shake-up, our only options may be to THROW THE BALL TO JUSTIN PEEELE! YES! Ooops, sorry I digress.

Since Salmsy and Boris, I think, still have AHL options free of waiver danger, why not send them down to creat some flexibility? Bring up Kulda and Oystrick and hold open "try-outs" at practice for any D-man not named Pasha or Tobias. Make these loafers accountable. If and when Kari returns, hopefully soon, send Pavs down as well to make room.

Think about flat-out waiving either Slater or Boulton (waiver claim is unlikely or not that crippling) to make room for a Joey Crabb, who is really heating up, or even a savvy vet like Johnny Pohl, who can play C or wing. He's 6'2" and right around 200 lbs so he might give us some needed grit.

Bench Slava and Whitey and let these bangers start knocking the hell out of people and fore-checking like madmen. I wouldn't even mind Sterling over Pohl since he knows the system well. He is feisty and battles hard.

Hold a meeting and tell everyone that their jobs are on the line (since a lot of the vets are UFA's anyway) and that they are playing for not only the playoffs, but also their careers.

Send out this line-up and let the wins pile up!

Kovy - Pevs - Little

Sterls / Slava - Antro - Max

Kane - White / Pohl - Army

Crabb - Reasy - Thorbs

Hainsey & Kubes

Tobes & Bogo / Oystrick

Kulda & Oystie / Bogo

Moose, Lehts / Pavs

That should do it! 7-game winning streak guaranteed!! See how easy this GM'ing thing is!! ;-)

Mortimer Peacock said...

No idea where the others are. Big Shooter's posts are consistently the most popular ones, so I'm not sure why he doesn't post more. Probably because his job is actually demanding and doesn't offer a lot of time for goofing off on the computer. And, probably, he's not quite the pathetic graphomanic that feels compelled to type even his most banal thoughts that I am. RCP likewise. French Cats is just a derelict. And don't even get me started on that Short Handed Mole.

j_barty_party said...

Love the fact you just called French a derelict! One of my fave terms. Frenchy Cats est derelicte!

Big Shooter said...

Long comment, Speaker. Get your own blog why don't you!

Glad to know I'm missed. Took some time off from work and I don't own a computer at home, so there you have it. Not about to do a post from my I-pod. No worries, I'll be back at it tomorrow and will post then seeing as how the public has demanded it.

Don't forget World Juniors tonight at 9:00. USA vs Sweden. Winner goes to the Gold Medal game.

j_barty_party said...

Good to see you are lurking in the shadows Shooter MacGruder! Hope you had a lovely vacay and holiday season drinking spiked egg-nog and slitting one's wrists over the Thrashers / Kovy's contract status.

I kid, I kid!

But that's sort of what I've been doing lately, more in an effort not to spend anymore money - I think December was the single most expensive month of my life - and now I don't even have a car as my pride and joy is back in the shop.

I will indeed tune into the US vs Sweden game and cheer lustily as the Americans look to avenge their honor after another NYE choke. Right after I finish watching the Deacs honor the life and legacy of George "Skip" Prosser at 5:30.

PS - the only reason I post such long-winded comments on here is cuz y'all are the only ones who read that tripe...well, along with my mom, dad and g-friend. Thanks for your support!

Oh, there I go again! I'm such a wind-bag even though I don't even like talking!

Mortimer Peacock said...

I'm beginning to think that our top line should be Kovy-Pevs-Antro. I don't get the whole "Antropov as center" thing.

j_barty_party said...

Word is double bond Morty!

Our centers should be Pevs, Little, White & Reasy and sometimes Slater.

Jay said...

I'd like to see lines of:





That first line would be scary fast. Kane's relentless hustle would compensate for Kovy's tendency to drift around the blueline on defense. Antropov and Afinogenov are great playmakers and could very well get Little going, plus both Little and Antropov aren't afraid to plant themselves by the net. Kozlov and White are third liners at this point in their careers. If they are playing on a line any higher, your team is in trouble. I'd also like to see more of Kane on the powerplay. Give this kid a chance to shine. Bogosian started to breakout last year when he was given more minutes and responsibility.

j_barty_party said...

Jay - I like your lines! I would only suggest giving Little a chance to play C over Antropov, but since both Ruskies are LH, I would suggest keeping Finny on the RW and give Little a chance to use his right-handed shot from the left side. With his speed, he might actually get more shots off from having his forehand on the inside of the D. I would love to see Kaner play with Kovy. Let's just hope Kovy re-signs and that is the line of the future!

Mutton Sourdough said...

Im with Speaker, bring up an AHLer or two for a shot of get-your-head-outta-your-ass-cause-some-no-name-kid-could-end-up-taking-your-spot espresso.

I wont try any line combos though, mainly since we've seen the current roster shuffled about enough that I wouldnt be able to give any new insight and Im not entirely familiar with whos down on the farm. I will say this though: Id like to see Machacek get another callup for a game or two. And Id like to see Kulda get a look for a game or two. Lewis too, seems like he got injured in his callup game last season, so Id like to see him get another look.

Mutton Sourdough said...

Or we could sign Chelli and bring him up to act as mentor for some of the younger guys (as has been previously suggested here) on the condition that he opens one of his chili joints in downtown ATL.

j_barty_party said...

Mutton, brilliant on Cheli's Chili! I love it. We can open it up right between Nikolai's Borscht Bin and Hainsey's off the Chainsey Sandwich Shoppe. And since Pavs is wanting some good Czech food here in ATL, why not open "Czech the Spud Bar" for some damn good, potato-based cuisine!

Seriously though, sign Cheli to a 2-way contract paying him $500k base and sprinkle it with incentives like $250k for being a plus player or $100k for playing 400+ mins or $250k for helping us make the playoffs. What the hell do we have to lose, but money? Cheli at 47 is better than Valabik and Salmela combined.

Mutton Sourdough said...

Love the Thrashers' restaurant idears! Id hit the town like a drunk college kid if they all opened those kinds of restaurants.

... Wait... I AM a drunk college kid... Well I guess that just means that its an apt analogy.

I like the terms & incentives you suggest Speaker. The only thing I dont really like about bringing in Cheli is that we already have too many dmen and, realistically, none of them are of the caliber to act as real trade bait or deal sweeteners, unless Im very much mistaken about one or two things (which is very possible)

My big thing is I dont particularly wanna have us bring in Cheli and have him turn out like the last guy who wore #77 for lez Thrashaires and have Valabik turn out like the last big guy on the Thrashers' blueline did. But Im sure DEEdub is even more conscientious of that than I am. And, since he drafted Valabik pretty high, I doubt he wants to just call him a bust without at least giving him a couple of seasons on the off chance that Valabik picks it up and proves it a smart draft choice.