Monday, November 16, 2009

Q and A

Well, it was a fine Thrashers weekend, was it not? You can't help but be thrilled with the Thrashers' play these last four games, and even better: we here at the Chronicle have a good feeling that they'll keep this up. So hooray!

About the attendance, which some can't stop talking about in the most depressing feces-flinging way: perhaps I'm succumbing to myopia, but I thought Friday's crowd rocked. Large, loud, and impressive. Sunday's a different story, of course, what with all the silly things people spend their time on on Sundays. Needless to say, the seats will fill as the Thrash continue to win. Friday's game is a sign of things to come, I think. Reminded me of 06-07.

And who knows? Maybe the Thrashers should abolish the absentee corporate seating thing that makes our lower bowl look so empty.

Another thing that will happen as the Thrashers continue to win, and is in fact already happening, right this minute, as you stare into the Internet, is that questions we all had going into this season are going to be answered.

Because we went into this season with a few questions marks. Not nearly as many as we did in the year previous (Erik Christensen? Jason Williams?), but there were still question marks.

Did Moose have anything left to offer? The Chronicle said yes.

Would Mad, Meticulous Max Afinogenov be a good addition? We said yes.

Power of accurate prediction is just one more reason to nominate us for Greatest Very Large Sports Blog East of the Mississippi. For your services, Big Shooter might ask his newest friend, Peter Bondra of "Peter Bondra" fame, to consider becoming YOUR friend too. And, as ever, there are screenplay benefits.


Andrew said...

So the turnout for an early sunday afternoon game, in the heart of the sourth, during the NFL season had poor turnout? Who could ever have predicted that would happen?

Razor Catch Prey said...

Yeah, the turnout Sunday didn't bother me. Friday night was great, though there were still 3k empty seats.

I expect that in March, with a playoff run in our sights, and word of mouth spreading the news about this exciting high scoring team, we'll see a lot of attendance numbers north of 18,000.

Other cities are selling their arenas out already, but they have advantages. Chicago is still buzzing about their team's resurgence. Detroit, Buffalo, and all the cities in Canada have no distractions. San Jose, New Jersey, Boston, and Philly have momentum from big seasons fueling the fervor.

Atlanta has three losing seasons in our past and a hostile/apathetic local media. The team is currently competing for attention with the region's favorite sport (college football) and second favorite sport (pro football).

Just wait for March. Football will be over. Hopefully the team will be steaming towards the playoffs in the drivers' seat. Kovy, Fins, Peverly, Bogosian, and Kane will have a stockpile of highlight reel goals to use in marketing. The Olympics will pique casual fans' interest in hockey. Philips will be roaring.

the J-head said...

Peter Bondra was great in easy rider and also had a nice cameo on californication rescently. Great to hear the arena is a rockin. I feel guilty not being able to attend due to distance and work related constraints.

Mortimer Peacock said...

When the day comes, Jointhead, do give us advance warning. We should have a beer in the CNN Center.

Maybe there should be an annual Chronicle social/masquerade?

Jay said...

Next year the Blueland Chronicle Fantasy Hockey League should have an actual LIVE draft at Taco Mac in Philips. Good excuse to eat, drink, and be merry.

A2B said...

So ESPN is taking note of us... we jumped from 22 to 13 in their Power Rankings and, the Thrashers were the title to the story from the NHL homepage there. Not used to them liking us, but I'll take it.

Mortimer Peacock said...




Yeah, we've jumped in the power rankings in several places. Not only that, but hockey pundits are giving the Thrash the praise they deserve. It is pleasing.

j_barty_party said...

Noooooo! The pundit praise is too soon! I don't want it; I hate it.

I want to be the lowly Thrashers who suddenly without warning storm the hill and overtake Washington in the standings.

But first, before anymore laudatory accolades can be bestowed at the feet of Kovalchuk and his merry band of thieves, we must beat Boston, give Pittsburgh a good run for their money and then slap Tampon Bay upside the head with Evander Kane's jockstrap.

Only then will I accept any "praise" from those dolts in Bristol, CT or even in the home of the hoser, Toronto, ON (home of TSN?). But yes, people are starting to catch on. I just hope this team continues to believe in themselves and not soley in their press clippings.

Mortimer Peacock said...

Mr. Speaker-

I take your point, but I don't think there's any real danger that the Thrashers will be overhyped. Overtaking Washington would be shocking by just about anyone's standards.

And we do need to beat Boston, Pittsburgh, etc. The Pens will be a real challenge, but I see Boston as being significantly worse than they were last season. Plus we've already beaten really good New York and L.A. teams.

j_barty_party said...

True dat Morty P!! I reckon we need to start calling you MC P-Mort since you're ability to drop prodigious blog entries at an alarming rate is quite impressive.

Boston is certainly quite vulnerable and we should (I hate to say that cuz losing games to teams we should beat sux eggs) take them down. Pittsburgh is also depleted badly on the blueline by injury, but I'd prefer to beat them with Gonchar, Letang and hopefully Orpik (no way Goglioski will be ready). Tampa: well we know the deal there. We should own them, but the Oooompa Looompa always seems to thrive against us and Lecavlier may finally be awakening from his slumber.

Mortimer Peacock said...

MC P-Mort? Yes please. My rhymes might be prodigious but they also need to be ill.

Lots of material for my many posthumous albums, I suppose.

j_barty_party said...

P-Morty, u already be illin' yo!!

Check the sick flow...