Monday, November 9, 2009

Mid-Morning Briefing

We all like looking at pandas and their mixed drinks, but sometimes you just have to move on and click various news items.

- Manny Legace has signed with our notorious enemies the Carolina Hurricanes. Cam Ward going down for "a month" has something to do with this. Would using Legace have been useful for the Thrashers? Probably not, given how Pavelec and Moose have performed, but I'm sure any lingering What If's will be answered by his play with the Canes. This is great news for the Thrashers, etc.

- Ilya Kovalchuk is still out. This, too, is great news for the Thrashers.

- It actually IS great news that the Thrashers' D can score so much, but sometimes I can't help but gaze wistfully out the window and remember the days when our forwards could score as well.

- The blogosphere got a big scoop yesterday when Puck Daddy reported that Alex Ovechkin would be out for awful lot longer than the Washington Capitals organization says he will be. The Caps organization is disputing the claim (made by Ovechkin himself in an interview with Dmitry Chesnokov), but some wonder if the Caps are simply in denial and/or want to conceal the nature of Ovie's injury from the public. A company wanting to control the free flow of information like this should be surprising, to some.

- People are FLIPPING OUT about the Red Wings' disappointing play this season.

- Hall of Fame stuff happens today. Steve Yzerman, Brett Hull, Luc Robitaille, Brian Leetch, and Lou Lamoriello. True fact: Luc Robitaille was a player in the very first hockey game I ever watched. This sort of thing makes sense, because it was a Los Angeles Kings vs. Toronto Maple Leafs game. Yes sir, it was.

- Do you like shootouts, saloon girls, strange meetings aboard trains speeding through the desert? Then you'll love Chronicle Entertainment's forthcoming production, tentatively titled...well, we're not sure yet. We do know that autumn is the time of year when the big studios bring out their Oscar candidates, though, and this one is ours. I would describe it as a mix of John Ford and Howard Hawks and John Waters. Be ready.

- Also, remember: great big hockey sale over at Fire Wagon Hockey! Everything must go!


aaron said...

When the Criterion Collection DVD finally hits, there better be a behind-the-scenes look at how you guys managed to digitally resurrect Divine using old stock footage.

Seely Booth said...

I have recurring dreams about my man-crush Luc Robitaille and his sage, French-Canadian counsel is helping me reconcile some of the "daddy issues" I harbor deep inside of my pysche. But is it any wonder when you stop to consider my father is Powers Booth??

Not even Wayne Gretzky has such remarkable healing powers. Just ask the Phoenix Coyotes.

Seriously though, this HOF Class is one hell of a class. Congrats to all of them. Well, except that dick Brett Hull.

Razor Catch Prey said...

I didn't know Seeley Booth was a Sabres fan...

Mortimer Peacock said...

Seeley Booth-

I am currently annotating your comment for "The Dummy's Guide to Seeley Booth's Comment That One Time at the Blueland Chronicle." It needs a guidebook to explain all the references.

Seeley Booth said...

Yeah, obviously I have many issues to address and the fact that I can't even remember how to spell my first name is probably a sure-fire sign that I need to seek some prolonged and deep personal introspection. Or I may just hit up the Pink Pony with Temperance and see if we can't teach her how to be a bit more in touch with her inner sex-kitten.

Mr. Speaker said...

(scroll down to item # 3 for some Dicky Pevs props from the Bristol-based hype-machine)

And the legend of Ten Gallon Dick grow...and grow!!

Big Shooter said...

It's what Ten Gallon does, Speaker!

krisabelle said...

Unbelievable...this was the "Fun Fact of the Day" at
1927 - Giant Panda discovered, China

Mortimer Peacock said...

Amazing, the coincidences in life.

Mr. Speaker said...

And in China, a woman touches a pig...or perhaps a panda in an inappropriate fashion.