Thursday, November 19, 2009

GAME DAY: Boston Bruins

(updated many a time below)

Got to get these game-day posts in early these days.

The Bruins have been injured and stricken with the pig flu quite a bit lately, which is preventing them---at the moment---from being as awesome as they were last season. Milan Lucic and that Marc Savard fella have been out with injuries, but there is talk that both of them might be ready to play just in time for tonight. Lucic in particular is a "game time decision," so we'll keep you updated as the long day wanes.

Me? I'd like to see the Thrashers win 5 in a row, and then even more games in a row. Not sure whether Bryan Little will be back in the fold tonight, but if he is I can see him re-igniting against the Bruins. Again, there will be updates.

Oh hey why not watch this video of comical Bruins-related folk like Jack Edwards and Mike Milbury talk all about the Atlanta Thrashers? It's actually quite good. Pedobear would approve.

UPDATE: No Lucic tonight, though it looks like Savard made the trip. We only know this thanks to the Chronicle's long-standing friend and ally the Artist Formerly Known as Maali, now paying tribute to the no-matter-how-popular-he-was-he's-actually-quite-underrated LL Cool J as "Around the Way Girl." Thank you, double agent!

UPDATE II: The Twitter speaks, I only record:

No Savard and no Lucic!

UPDATE III: Massive props to the Thrashers video folks. They've been doing an absolutely, no qualifications, excellent job this season.

UPDATE IV: According to ESPN, Lucic didn't make the initial trip but apparently he'll be joining his team before game-time. He is still, though, a "game-time decision." As are Little and Kubina.

UPDATE V: We have, thanks heavens, the Mullet Seal of Approval.


Rishabh Didwania said...

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GoPuckYourself said...

Rishabh--Come back in a few weeks for the unveiling of their Ten Gallon Dick. It should be epic.

Erm, hockey? Yeah, Boston's 2-3-3 on the month. O-3 in the last week. They've lost their last 2 on the road.

I THINK we'll get it done tonight. But then again, I can't remember the last time we beat the Bruins (0-4 last season). Hope we see Peverley pick up a hat trick, grab the puck that nets the third goal, and stick it in Tim Thomas's face, all while yelling "How do you like them apples!?"

Mortimer Peacock said...

I remember beating the Bruins 5-0 in a truly epic game in December '07. If I'm not mistaken, Garnet Exelby had a goal.

I nearly got into a fight with an enormous Bruins fan at that one.

Jay said...

They are all enormous. Even the women.

So anyways, I'm at the Heat-Hawks game last night and they show Kovalchuk and Antropov on the big screen sitting front row and announce that they are in the building. No cheers, no acknowledgement, nothing. Kovy gets this little smirk on his face and turns to Antro and says something. I imagine it went something like this, "None of these people know who the hell we are. We make millions of dollars and can live among them without being noticed. I love Atlanta." A little later on, they show Evander Kane, who gets a much warmer reception from the Hawks fans, and they also show big fat Chris Tucker(Rush Hour), who looks like he has obviously let himself go and has not heard from Jackie Chan in a while. He damn near gets a standing ovation. WTF Hawks fans?

Tiffany said...

Hello darlings! First I had to comment for obvious reasons, this should be an awesome game! Secondly, Milan Lucic didn't make the trip to the ATL, as he's down for the count with "food poisoning" (hungover?). Marc Savard DID make the trip, expect to see him in warmup, but I'll be shocked, SHOCKED, if he plays in the game since he hasn't had a practice yet with the team.

Also I love youse guys about a thousand times more for having Stadler and Waldorf on your blog. If the whole thing with Kari falls through, can I marry you guys? =D

Jay said...

Oh by the way, thanks to my purchasing of my 13 game package, I have first row glass seats for this game just a bit past the Thrashers bench. I'll be wearing the Bogosian jersey looking like a kid at Christmas. :)

j_barty_party said...

Jay - I will definitely watch for you at the game...those are pretty sweet seats for the "on the glass" perk. I got 'em for AHM on 1/26, but they ain't THAT good. I hate u.

ATWG - thanks for the news on Lucic. As much as I'd like to beat a fully intact Boston squad, but I'm perfectly fine getting the best of 'em without Lucic & Savvy!

PMorty - you are really starting to gain some notoriety with some international flavor on the blog comments to validate your reputation as internet blog-stud! Nice going there, but be wary of the puck bunnies from Boston! They'll beat the crap outta ya if you get out of line.

BTW all, if you really hate Comcast, clap your hands! And check out my latest entry on As the Birds Thrash bemoaning their latest example of customer dis-service and douchebaggery!!

Tiffany said...

You guys know it's me, right? Maali? I just changed my blogger name. :)

Mortimer Peacock said...


First of all, that's a marvelous and hilarious story. I remember one time at a Thrashers game in...I can't remember when, either 06-07 or 07-08, when some of the Hawks players (no idea which ones) were flashed up on the jumbotron and introduced. The Thrashers crowd actually BOOED them, which I thought was horrifying. I don't like basketball, but for God's sake they're the friggin hometown Hawks.

So total silence during the Kovy and Antro Show is pretty predictable, though it's hard to know how to take it. As you point out, it's more than possible guy like Kovy has to love being a hockey god and having absolutely NO ONE realize who he is.

Also: I'll look out for you and if I think I see you, I'll make an effort to say hello. We do sit in the upper level, though...perhaps we'll do one of our covert sneak-downs.

And finally, CHRIS TUCKER HAS GOTTEN FAT? Dark times for Planet Earth.

ATWG/Maali- Greetings, friend! The thought of marriage terrifies me, but I suspect it'll have to happen one of these days. That said, this should be an awesome game. Definitely excited.

Mr. Speaker-
Comcast sucks. I've had it for a while now, but I'm now I'm moving to a new place and I was all excited to be rid of it. Turns out, of course, my new apartment insists on it, so I'm stuck with it forever.

Tiffany said...

MP: It was sort of a joke. It's a fake marriage! Is there a hetero version of a beard? Arm candy? Hahaha. I'm not down with marriage either. BUT IT SOUNDS GOOD!

Keep an eye on Wideman #6. Last year's best d-man after Chara. Suspecting fans might come after him lynch-mob fashion soon. Tonight's the night he'll either step it up, or let the Thrash put on a clinic. I hope Rask is starting. Pony starting on your end?

krisabelle said...

Good luck with your move, Morty Pea! Hopefully it's a move CLOSER to Philips Arena so you, French Cats and Biggie Smalls won't all have to charge out of there post-game and miss the amazing opportunities to meet the players at T-Mac (and watch drunkards vom on themselves on the patio)! :) I thought one of you gents lived in Dec? Am I smoking crack?

I can't believe that it was a Kovantro moment of silence at the Hawks game. Even my MOM knows the name Ilya Kovalchuk, and this woman does not "do" sports! Come on!

I also wanted to comment on the Statler and Waldorf pic. I find it swell. In college, my friend and I would sit on the balcony at her apt and heckle/harass people for giggles. I was "Waldorf", she was "Statler"! The coinkydinks continue to roll off the oven line like piping hot Quizno's toasty torps!

Tiffany said...

krisabelle: No idea who you are, plan on clicking your link in a second, but just based on that comment alone, I think I love you (I'm a chick btw). It was really that you, too, gave love to Stadler and Waldorf that really won my heart over.

Like to trade links (it's like a promise ring!)?

Mortimer Peacock said...

Maali (ATWG will take some getting used to)-

Joke fully got, don't worry!

Yeah, Wideman is a beast.

Pavelec is, indeed, our starter.


I'm moving down the street from where I currently live, closer to the highway (good or bad? who knows?), so YES I'll be marginally closer to Philips. Hooray! I really should check out the post-game show sometime soon. I used to go sometimes, after a victory (so rarely), back when it was in the Club section.

Tiffany said...

Wideman was a beast. He's a little XLBish right now.

BTW... are you guys totally getting the last laugh on that gaffe of Burke's? Kubina and Ex? I know there were other guys in there but I forget who. I'm totally laughing my ass off at that. He's been healthy scratch like 3-4 games already. He's, y'know, being X-ish. Hilar.

Mortimer Peacock said...

I don't want to gloat, but on the day that happened we here at TBC said that the Exelby-for-Kubina trade was the steal of the century. So far we've been correct: Kubina's been awesome defensively and offensively, and Exelby is Exelby. Which means he sucks horribly.

Tiffany said...

He also still look like X, if anyone down there was wondering. To wit:

From You stay classy, Garnet Exelby.

j_barty_party said...

Is that a beer in Garnet's hand?

He may have some serious short-comings as a hockey player, but he was all heart and for that I thank him. Plus, when K-belle and I met him at Decatur's Feast, he could not have been a nicer and more friendly guy. I thought he was gonna ask ME for my autograph!