Saturday, November 7, 2009

Game Day: Islanders

Well, we've got this one in the bag seeing how the game is on the road and all. The Islanders are actually playing reasonable well. Brendan Witt nearly scored a hat trick the other night. Yes, that means anything could happen.

Hey, remember when Mike Milbury was in charge of the Islanders? HAHAHAHAHA... who doesn't like a good laugh in the morning? Man, the Isles still haven't recovered from that. I think we've done this before, but in the near future we really should do a recap of all the stupid moves that guy made. It will make you think twice about saying anything negative towards Waddell. I just don't have time to do it this morning. And to think Milbury gives the hockey advice on TV in not one, but TWO Nations.

Also, we like to complain about Kari Lehtonen around here, but imagine being an Islanders fan. Their boy Rick still has 25 years left on his contract! At least Kari only has one. And if memory serves, we could have easily ended up with DiPietro, had Mike Milbury not been such an idiot (see how your pal Big Shooter brings things full circle, kids... blogging 101). Mike had Luongo, traded him so he could draft Ricky D. Thus we ended up with Heatley, and got Kari a couple of drafts later. Had Milbury been sane, he would have drafted Heatley (clearly the best player in the draft), kept what has turned out to be the best goalie in the NHL, and we probably would have taken DiPietro. So, in summery kids, we were destined to have an injured goalie. No way around it.

What does all of this mean you ask? Well, it means that not only is Mike Milbury to blame for what became of the once proud Islanders, he is also to be blamed for all of the Thrashers troubles!!! Had he known what the hell he was doing, and drafted Heatley, just imagine how different our franchise would be today. Just something to think about.


It just came to my attention that our friend Maali at Fire Wagon Hockey has some items for sale. She has lost her job, and is selling some cool stuff. Go and check it out. Unfortunately Big Shooter knows all about the struggling economy, so best wishes go out to our favorite Kari stalker.

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