Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Gallery of 'Staches

So what do you do when Thanksgiving Eve Eve falls and you have nothing to talk about on the old hockey blog? Do you ask your readers for their opinions on the new Florida Panthers jersey (Monsieur Catalogues, who is a Panther of sorts himself, ought to respond to this important question)? Debate Puck Daddy's Top 10 Best Players of the Decade list?

Or do you raid Ben Wright's Twitter feed looking for comical photos of your Atlanta Thrashers?

I think we all know.

Lounge singer?

In-demand Hollywood stuntman, definitely.

Wealthy arms dealer who would usually be wearing a white suit and a panama hat.



FrenchCatalogues said...

Hmm, I just don't like the way the panther looks. I've always thought they need a slicker panther......like pounce.

j_barty_party said...

Morty Pea - very apt descriptions indeed...especially Bogo!

Frency - you might want to check out my latest blog as I borrowed a picture from one of your cousins!

Whatta y'all think about the line changes? Deadeye Dicky will be pivot for the Czar and his road roomie Army...I like!

Razor Catch Prey said...

I thought the term for Frenchy was a 'cougar?'

Speaker- I like the line combos. Pevs deserves to play with the Czar, and Army can bust some heads and dig the puck out of the corner for him. However, I would like to see coach swap Army for Fins. The chemistry between Fins and Kovy has been great, and Max's ability to stickhandle on the head of a pin creates a lot of chances. On the other hand, I think Kovy has been trying to set Fins up and has passed up on some scoring chances of his own. He's a stand up guy for trying to help his buddy redeem himself, but the deed has been done and now it's time to light the lamp and get the team higher in the standings.

Anonymous said...

Very accurate descriptions, all of them.

mutton said...

Indeed, accurate descriptions. One alternate though: Zach Bogosian = alternate from Super Troopers