Saturday, November 7, 2009


Waste of time.

Did any of you actually watch the whole thing, instead of turning on the DVD player?

Very difficult to care in any deep and serious way at this point. The Thrashers have revealed, after 10 years of existence, that their primary purpose on Earth is to supply the basis for a Chronicle-authored western movie.

I'm sure that, in the coming hours and days, we'll be hearing from certain quarters about how this humiliating loss is actually great news for the Thrashers, how past Thrashers teams would have lost 6-0 instead of 6-3, how they didn't give up, Progress, we're very close, etc.

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GoPuckYourself said...

"What the hell's going on out there!?"
--Vince Lombardi

Anybody actually see the game? How did we get rocked by the f'n Islanders like that?