Friday, November 6, 2009


As many of our commenters have already pointed out, every Thrashers home game (opener against the Lightning excepted) has been the exact same game.

This isn't a good thing.

As we drop farther down the standings (yes, I know it's early and so on and so forth, but...), it might be worth considering taking Kozlov off the power play.

It also might be worth considering finding a magic elixir to cure Ilya Kovalchuk of his foot problem, now.

Look out for the first installment of our Thrashers-themed western, starring Rich Peverley as "Ten Gallon Dick" (eternal thank you, Mr. Speaker), sometime very soon.


Mr. Speaker said...

Morty - you are quite welcome kind sir. Just trying to do my level best to "hang" with the colorful and over-active imaginations that reside on this wonderful blog. Perhaps the team needs to start reading it for inspiration before games! I know this blog has become a source of solace and calming perspective in dealing with the travails and tribulations of following such an enigmatic team.

Big weekend of games coming up! Will the coaches make the necessary moves / adjustments and will the team sack up and play with pride, intensity and moxie?

the jointhead said...

I still see a movie in which Kovy, Pevs, Bogo, and Jimmy slater take a canoe trip down a remote north georgia river only to have Jimmy's sweet virgin ass assaulted by toothless hillbilly alex o while sidney crosby encorages him to "squeal like a pig" before being saved by an arrow from Kovys bow. Or maybe a young, large donged Zack Bogosian looses his innocence in the vast underground Atlanta porn scene in Thrasher Nights!

Big Shooter said...

The funny thing is, Morty and I discussed this... we were going to hold an Iranian election if the Western movie didn't win the poll, but the good readers of the Chronicle voted it in, without us having to cheat!

Also, the hour at Gorins last night before the game proved very fruitful for our new movie. Expect twists and turns, as well as one extraordinary guest star. Not going to give it away just yet!!

Mr. Speaker said...

jointhead -- ewwww, I feel dirty now.

Shooter - can't wait to hear some of these twists and turns...will y'all be there Sunday? I'll buy everyone a beer if we see y'all.

BTW guys, Kane just go the promotion. Looks like you can now bill the next game as a legendary duel between young guns Tavares and "Bring the Pain" Kane.

Kozzy gets bounced to the 3rd line.

Yee haw! Giddy up youngin', time to skin that smokewagon and do some damage wid it!

Big Shooter said...

Indeed, Speaker, we will be there. We can generally be found in the vicinity of Gorins. By all means stop by and say hello.

Mortimer Peacock said...

Mr. Speaker-

Like Shooter said, we'll be there. Look for us near Gorin's, I reckon. "By all means," as Doc Holliday would say.


That sounds pretty good actually, but is the world ready for such a dark, terrifying masterpiece?

Mr. Speaker said...

Sweet, we will try out level best to get there with time to spare. A lot of it will depend on how my g/f's mom is doing during the day as she has taken ill. As long as it is not serious, we should have no problems. I'll be in my blue Marty Party jersey (the only one with an alternate's "A" on it) and Kristen will be in her blue Little sweater. So if you spot us first, amble on over.