Monday, November 30, 2009

Game Day: Florida Panthers

The Florida Panthers. 60% of the time, they work every time.

Shut down Nathan Horton and this team doesn't have much potency left. They have a good goaltender who is a little past his prime but can still steal a game now and then. It's a South East Division rival, so it would be nice to win this one in regulation to keep any points away from the kitties.


j_barty_party said...


Agreed on the (Tim) Horton's line, but let's not make this the game David Booth gets his season turned around. I hate what happened to him, but someone needs to bump him good early and get in his cage. Take that line out of the game and I'll take our chances with Horton & Weiss as I think our Russian Roulette line combined with the proficiency of the AK-47 line will get the job done. Mooooooooooooose call!! Hedberg gets the nod tonite.

In other matters, who do we want from Nashville if we do trade Valabik, as Morty ruminated about on the last entry? I'd say throw in Whitey too, but they don't have much to give back and I doubt they will part with a center. But I wouldn't mind Joel Ward in return for Big Bo and Charmin. Them move Little to C where he belongs.

Russian Roulette line

Kane - Peverley - Army

Kozzy - Little - Ward (a little Black Russian??)

Reasy's Pieces

Razor Catch Prey said...

I honestly don't know who I would ask for realistically in that trade. The problem is that Valabik isn't really worth anything decent in return. Maybe a third round draft pick? A second if Poile is drunk?

If we package somebody like White with Valabik, we should demand something of real value in return. I.e. Colin Wilson. But it ain't gonna happen.

Hang on to Boris and package him with Kari once he gets healthy so we can sweeten that deal and bring in something we can really use.

Like Patrick Sharp.

j_barty_party said...

I can live with that scenario Razor. I would hope we are dealing from a position of strength if we do trade with NSH as we aren't the ones looking for a) scoring or b) blueline depth / size.

Just don't do anything stupid DW!

Then again, Dudley will prevent that from happening.

Razor Catch Prey said...

Hell, let's send Boris and Kari to the Leafs. They need goaltending. Burkie loves the big guys (notice I didn't make a joke about his son there?), and DW has already proven he knows how to fleece him.

So how about:



... for... nevermind. They've got nothin' left.

j_barty_party said...

Ha ha ha! Yeah, them suckas have been summarily hosed by Waddudley!