Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Chelios is the Most Dignified of Instrument/Cereal Hybrids

(now with more stuff below!)

Is this necessary?

More news items, you say?

- First of all, Ilya Kovalchuk is confusing everyone. According to Ben Wright's Twitter feed, he practiced this morning but left the ice a bit early, and is "probably messing with the media." Why does he hate us so?

- Maybe we should check Chris Vivlamore's beat blog. Hmmmm, whatsitsay? AH HA, details: [Kovalchuk] was on the ice before the start of practice, dressed and skating. It looks like his foot responded well after yesterday’s practice. However, as practice started he left the ice and Rich Peverley put on a yellow practice jersey along with Nik Antropov and Max Afinogenov. I think it was planned because the extra yellow jersey was already on the bench. I will verify everything after practice." Please do, sir!

- Also, this: Evander Kane is back at practice. He missed Tuesday’s workout to have his foot examined. He is skating and shows no signs of being slowed by a shot off the foot he took Sunday.

- And, um, this: Boris Valabik is also dressed and skating.

- If you take a short golf-cart drive around the blogosphere, you'll see that everyone's favorite fan from Dacula is trying to convince a hockey neophyte (real? imaginary? a talking LOLcat?) to choose the Atlanta Thrashers as "his" team. The Thrashers' short but dramatic history is a primary factor, as is the the nobility in being able to say you've suffered through all the highs and lows of this team's struggles.

- Rawhide is all like, "Math math math math math math." I can't read numbers, so if someone could read his post for me and give it to me in Cliff Notes I'll be much obliged.

- Via Kukla's Korner, an interesting Remembrance Day news item: Carey Price will be wearing a special commemorative helmet tonight, complete with rows of red poppies and lines from that "In Flanders Fields" poem. Now, we all know the McCrae poem is moving. But last year (mainly because today last year was the 90th anniversary of the Armistice) I tried to introduce the planet Earth to some other (better) war/fallen soldier/WWI-in-particular poems that aren't as popular. You can go look at my old anthology post if you wish, but today's official TBC Veteran's Day/ Remembrance thing is this. Do click.


Daculafan said...

I might be a minority..but I'll be pissed if we sign Chelios..there is no reason to have somebody that old on this team. I don't want to hear the whole veteran presence bullshit either..

Face facts folks....(I love alliteration) he's in the AHL now because that's the level he can physically compete at right now. Let's not give even 3rd pairing minutes to a guy who is obviously not going to be around all that long and instead invest in the future of the club by giving those minutes to players that will be around and have years left to play and improve

Mortimer Peacock said...

I actually doubt the Thrashers considering him that seriously, though Kevin Allen is usually a pretty reliable source.

He'd be great, if this were 1992. The guy's simply too old.

aaron said...

Okay then, a game of "Would You Rather"...

Would You Rather (all things being equal) have Boris Valabik or Chris Chelios on your blueline?

The aforementioned Mr. Allen makes a case here.

A2B said...

I got an idea, give him a 2 year contract and sign him as a D coach to help our young D-corps learn all the trades at a really fast rate... and he can tutor Boris more after practice since we know he needs it.

j_barty_party said...

I'm not surprised to find out that Donnie Dubs's curiosity has been piqued w/r/t Mr. Chelios. We all know about DW's involvement in USA Hockey over the years and there's no doubt in my mind he has some type of connection with Cheli.

I myself am more than a bit mildly intrigued by the idea of signing the man to a cheap 1 yr deal for the remainder of the season as long as the expectation wasn't to play every night. Something along the lines of every third or fourth game depending on the schedule.

Not only is depth especially important this year due to the Olympics and resulting condensed sked, but injuries have been more rampant than swine flu in a Mexican brothel this year. Having Cheli as one of our 8 potential D-men might be a good idea once Kovy is back to 100% and we only need to carry 13 forwards.

Just my .o2.

j_barty_party said...

Oh, one more thing: if Chelios does become our new "instrument" on defense, does that make Valabik our "Oh-Bo!"??

Sorry, had to be done.