Saturday, November 14, 2009

Did That Just Happen? 7-0?


Really, has anyone seen anything like that before? I just don't have the words. I would, however, like to apologize to everyone sitting below us in the lower bowl, for what was the most glorious beer spillage of all time. After one of the goals, Frenchy and I stand up to scream. Well, his shoulder hits my elbow, and what ensued you would really have to see to believe. The entire FULL beer goes flying out of my hands, jumps up in the air like Old Faithful, and continues all the way down to the lower bowl where it splashed all of the handicap seating. Like any responsible adult, I immediately sit down in my seat so as not to be identified. And keeping with the code of the spilled beer, Frenchy replaced my beer and we all lived happily ever after.

That is until I went out after the game and returned to the Georgia Bar Association parking lot only to find that it is locked down with my car inside. Has anyone else ever had this happen before? It is now Sat AM, and I still can't get my car. Shouldn't they, well you know... HAVE A SIGN THAT SAYS IF YOU ARE NOT BACK THEY WILL STEAL YOUR CAR?!?!??!?!?!?! Never parking there again.

Oh yeah, those Thrashers have won 3 in a row and kicked the crap out of those Kings, so it was a successful night indeed. After all that excitement, I need a breather:


GoPuckYourself said...

We won by a touchdown! Hurrah! I didn't realize Max has 16 points so far, so he's averaging a point per game right now. We definitely spent Eric Perrin's salary on a far more productive player.

Kane was awesome. Really, the entire team was awesome last night. 3 in a row? That's a winning streak, folks.

j_barty_party said...

That is so funny you would say that Puck cuz I was bemoaning to my lovely g/f that I was starting to miss Eric Perrin when Mad Max was busy turning over the biscuit again and again and again with his bone-headed passes in the first period. Not one minute after I cursed his name in the 2nd period did he proceed to make a nice defensive play, corral a puck and then punch it out to center ice where The Czar was off to the races for the 2nd goal. Can't believe he's a PPG player right now. I think we have like 4 of those and Kane is hot on their trail with his hot play and overall bad-ass-ness.

Shooter -- really sorry about your beer buddy! We regret not being able to get there early enough to say hello but we were EXTREMELY late to the game, but luckily we missed none of the wonderful scorning of goalies with our disdainful goal barrage!!

the jointhead said...

I know he has meshed well with the party army but the kane madness needs to be on the second line with white and pevs. Koslov is a waste of space right now.

Mortimer Peacock said...

Oh. My God.

A photo of friend of the Chronicle "Little Fat Buddy."

Shooter, this is exploitative.

But oh so funny.




I have an impressive hangover right this minute.



Razor Catch Prey said...

GPY- And Eric Perrin has a sad...

Jointhead- Nice Evolution reference.

Shooter- Obviously you should sue the Bar Association.

Watching the Yellow Jackets clinch a berth in the ACC Championship game now, so it's been a great sports weekend already. I predict that IF the Thrashers can stretch this winning streak by 3 more games, the Czar will sign before Thanksgiving. (Note to Canada, Thanksgiving hasn't happened yet you heathens).

And those are glorious pictures of our Little Fat Buddy.

Can't wait for the Oil Rush tomorrow at Philips Arena. I am bringing my brother and will be introducing two of his sons to their first hockey game.

GALILEO Next Generation Library System Planning said...

I too have had the unfortunate experience of returning to State Bar of Ga parking garage to find it locked up with my car still inside. I know now that they lock up one hour after the game ends, so going to Taco Mac means no parking in that garage...

Anonymous said...

So that was YOU with the beer! j/k

Anonymous said...

Man, I've had the Bar lot close on me before as well, but that was on a visit to the Aquarium. We went to the main entrance to the Bar building and buzzed until the security guard came. He was nice enough and let us into the parking area and let us out. Agree that there SHOULD be a sigh. I'll continue to park there cause for Bar members it's FREE.