Thursday, November 12, 2009

Live and Kinda-Live Blog: ATL vs. NYR

Our guest Ranger Fan is stuck at work and will be watching the game on TiVo. As such, I will be live-blogging alone and will add in his comments after he watches the game later.

15 minutes left in the 1st: My dog had unplugged the DSL, so I am late posting. The game is already 1-1 and Boulton is taking a beating from Donald Brashear. Boults got in a few shots at the end to even the fight out.

Great play by Kane to get the puck on the tape of Army for the first goal. Atlanta finally gets on the board first in a game. Bad break after that with some Russian I've never heard of bouncing one off Moose, then off Little's skate and in.

The Czar's Movember Mustashe is scary.

HOLY COW what a save by MOOSE on Prospal right in front! The boys need to start playing defense sometime this season.

14:00 1st: Oh yeah, our questions have all been answered. Kovy, Gabby, King Henrik, and Kane all playing.

BOGO DROPS THE GLOVES! And man, is he whaling on this poor, unsuspecting Ranger kid! OH< IT WAS CALLAHAN! Hard to recognize him with Bogosian's fist covering up his face.

12:00 ist: Darren Elliot just read my mind commenting about all of these Rangers I've never heard of.

SCHUBERT WITH A GREAT CHANCE! How the heck did he get out in front like that? Too bad he can't finish. As a guy who used to sit next to us at games would've said, "wrong guy."

11:15 ist: Henry STONES Fins! What a great play to get him the puck. Fins has got to get that up in that situation.

Two great 19 year olds wearing #4 here in this game. Del Zotto and Bogosian are both having great years and play like 10 year veterans.

Gaborik loks totally different as a blueshirt. I remember being in Minnesota for the World Cup of Hockey and hearing a group of Slovaks walking through the concourse singing "Marion Gaborik" to the tune of "Let's Go _______"

8:48 1st: Shubert takes a bad penalty. Thanks a lot Andy Sutton 2.0.

Gaborik ended up on what should have been a breakaway but he fanned on the shot and Ron OMGIRH Hainsey made a play! Should have gotten the puck away but the follow up man got a shot away and MOOOOOOSSE! made the save! Like I said, Defense. Sometime this season. It's coming.

6:04 1st: Great shift by the Perestroika Line. Kovy was all over the ice. Fins has to learn that the net is 8 feet narrower than his aim.


No more powerplay... Todd White for high sticking, and wow is Mostachioed Kovy upset.

4 on 4 and my dog chooses now to knock over my rum and coke. She is not on board with this liveblog idea.

KOVY WITH A CHANCE! Only a hook kept the puck out of the net. 4-3 powerplay.

I missed it thanks to the dog's antics, but Big Shooter just called to tell me that Darren Elliot just referred to Peverly as the Pevs Dispenser! I have never been so proud.

30 seconds to go: Amazing 2-0, but Fins can't finish. How many times have Sabres fans said that over the years?

End of the period: Bogo with a rocket a bit wide. The first period felt like it was tilted heavily in the Thrashers' favor. More next period.

2ND PERIOD-----------

Oh my god, I never want to hear Matt McConnell do a Boston accent again.

The Rangers' goal in the first period was scored by Artisimov. I think that's the name of a Russian date rape drug.

18:00 in the 2nd: Great save by Lundqvist on Fins. And if you're wondering, I'm going to keep calling him that so I don't have to try to spell his name.

The Pevs Dispenser draws a penalty! Ok, so it was Army, but I wanted to mention Peverly.

ALL I HAD TO DO WAS WAIT!!!!!!! Peverly with the powerplay goal off a rebound! He actually banked it off a defender. His 8th goal this year! What a waiver pickup by DW.

Boulton getting chippy again in the corner. Smartly not dropping the gloves when the Thrashers are up by a goal. Don't want to give the other guys a chance to steal momentum.

Cunneyworth makes his mustache look good.

Even though he took a beating from Bogosian earlier, you really have to love Ryan Callahan. American kid, plays hard every shift. I'd love to see him in a role playing position on Team USA in February.

13:40 in the 2nd: Toby with a nice heads up play jumping up and batting the puck away with his hand to keep it away from the net. Anyone else could have reached out without having to jump, of course.

Antropov has to learn to shoot the puck.

Bogosian makes so many things just look easy. He makes room for himself using moves that look like they just shouldn't fool NHL caliber players, but they do.

7:39 in the 2nd: A little pressure here from the Rangers. So far nothing in the way of real quality scoring chances, but they'll come if the Thrashers don't get control of the puck back.

AAARGH!! Great give and go between Kovy and Fins but they DON'T FINISH! Nobody wants to shoot the puck!

Kovy shoots it this time and strikes iron!

Penalty coming on Armstrong after a great play by the Pevs Kane Army line. I think it's cheap to call a penalty on a guy who swipes at the puck and happens to also catch a guy's skates. What do you think Shooter?

The "For Every King, a Crown" ad campaign is clever, but Crown Royal is for Canadians and other people who aren't man enough to enjoy their whiskey. If it's not from Kentucky, Scotland, or Ireland it's not worth drinking.

5:00 in the 2nd: Great clearing effort on his stomach by Marty the Party.

Gaborik with a nice goal. He was handcuffed on his shot and still got plenty on it to beat Moose. 2-2 game. Maybe he pulled his groin on the celebration.

Thrashers coming out after the goal with a bit of a defeated look to their stride. Hope they can shake that off and buckle down.

Kid's Day this Sunday at Philips. Have to remember to double Morty's tourette's medication.

WOAH! Kubina really screwed the pooch defensively there but Moose came up huge with a save!

Callahan upended a Thrasher and ruined a 2 on 1 chance for the Rangers. Powerplay Thrahesrs.

Brian Boyle in the box for the Rangers. God, I wish he played for us. I used to love watching him play for Boston College.

CZARED!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kovy with a classic zipline to the top corner! 3-2 Thrashers.

Wow. That mustache. Kovy. **Shiver**

OH MY GOD!!!! What a play by whoever that was on the boards to steal the clearing attempt and hit Evander Kane in front of the net!

It was the Pevs Dispenser. Shoulda known.

1:15 left in the 2nd: 4-2 Thrashers.

Hey, Antro shot the puck! He needs more practice. Missed the net.

McConnel: "Unable to put it home was [Fins]." Again, a very familiar phrase.

End of the 2nd period: Talk about stealing the momentum! 20 more minutes to go!

3rd Period--------------

Bogosian takes a penalty on a trip. Unintentional, but a call that had to be made. Powerplay to the Rangers.

How smart a player is Rich Peverly? He can't get enough ice time.

Nice blast from Rosival, but Hedberg saw it all the way and closed down on it.

A near miss by the Rangers after the powerplay had ended. Good save by Moose and some luck that the Blueshirts couldn't get wood on the rebound.

"Avery got it in behind." Too easy.

13:42 in the 3rd: Rangers bring it to within 1. Kotalik with a boomer from the point; Moose can't control the rebound and Big Brian Boyle reacts quickly enough to bury it.

The "Let's Go Rangers" cheer reminds me: did you know that in England instead of saying "Let's go" they say "Come on?" I was there during the Soccer World Cup and they would yell "Come on England!" It is like they are pleading with their team not to suck. Actually that would have been an appropriate cheer for the Thrashers during most of our 10 year existence.

Is Antro that slow or is he just not trying?

10:16 left in the 3rd: Atlanta's play looking a little sloppy here.

Schubert takes another penalty and gives the Rangers a chance to tie the game on the powerplay halfway through the third period. This is not the way to secure your spot in the lineup. Yeah, you're better than Boris Valabik, but who isn't?

WOAH! Bogosian has the worst mustache of them all!! But impressive that a 19 year old can grow one that well.

9:20 in the 3rd: That was out.

HOLY RINGING IRON BATMAN! That's all Moose gave 'em.

Del Zotto gets a 9 from the East German judges for a beautiful dive!

Yeah, looks like they're both going to go.

Good pick off by Kaner.

Powerplay is expired and we're back to 5 on 5 with 2 men in the box on coincidental minors.

MOOOSE! But what the hell was that center by the defender afterwards!?!?

Brian Boyle and Antro jawing at each other. Not much chance of anybody's gloves dropping there. Lots of size, not much aggression in that matchup.

Seriously, has Slava Kozlov done anything but use up Evander Kane's ice time this season?

5:00 left in the 3rd: Atlanta hanging on to a 1 goal lead here late. Action at both ends of the ice for the past several minutes.

Is that Bronson Pinchot in that Fantasy Five Easy Match commercial?

Scoring chances in the third period 11-1 Rangers. Sounds like some our recent 1st period efforts.

2:15 in the 3rd: My heart just stopped seeing the puck hit the outside of the net. Great job by Moose locking it down.

Empty net! I want a Moosegoal!!!!!

Another icing. That wouldn't have been icing back under the old rules with the half circle crease. Back then if it went through the crease it wasn't icing.


5-3 Thrashers with 12 seconds left, and the team will stay a couple games above .500.

And that's the game!

See you tomorrow night in Philips!


Rawhide said...

Hey Razor...didja catch Eliot calling Peverley "The Pevs Dispenser" tonight???

I guess that makes the nick-name O-ficial, huh?

A2B said...

I caught that. Did anyone else also notice how much more confident we would be scoring wise with Kovy back? I don't think I have ever seen our D get that far ahead of our forwards ever. That is a very good sign, hopefully, the goals keep on coming from up front. It was definitely and entertaining game to watch.

Razor Catch Prey said...

I actually missed it the first time around, but Shooter called me to tell me about it. During the intermission I changed rooms and rewound the TiVo to hear it.