Sunday, November 22, 2009

GAME DAY: Tampa Bay Lightning

pictured above: Vinny and crew at today's morning skate


If the Thrashers manage to win this one, we'll somehow be back in the Top 8.

True story.

In other words, we really HAVE to win this one. The Lightning aren't as good as their position in the standings; doing nothing but raking up overtime loss points eventually becomes unsustainable and you get beaten out by better teams.

And I do think the Thrash are better than the Lightning.

But the Bolts will crave revenge for the home opener, and blah blah blah, etc. etc., and so on and so forth.

I think I'll need an IV to make it through this game.

P.S. To placate any Lightning fans that might be, like, Just So Offended that we would insult the opposing team: Regardless of who wins this evening, I would bet actual sterling that Steven Stamkos scores on us.


Mishey22 said...

Well, that's crap. The Lightning aren't nearly as bad as you act. The Thrashers have two whole more wins.

Jay said...

Unfortunately, you were spot on with the Stamkos prediction.

Mortimer Peacock said...

ACK. eeeh, eeeh, sigh, ah...

Wish I had never predicted that.

Mishey22 said...

Well, does this mean the not better team won?

*scratches head*

j_barty_party said...

Hey "Mishey-sois",

We don't much care for your input or your team for that matter. Other than your pristine, white beaches, there is nothing in your hole of a town I care for.

While the "Ning" are in fact improved, they are just a mirage of early season "success". This long string of OT "loser" points can't continue and if it does, I don't reckon it will get you in the playoffs.

The Thrashers ARE the better team. They just didn't play like it tonite. But once Coach Anderson makes the necessary adjustments and gets this team hitting on all cylinders, I think we will be leaving you Dolts in our wake.

Peace sucka'!

Mishey22 said...

Well, that's classy.

OT "loser" points like the one that Thrashers got today.

What pristine, white beaches did you go to in Tampa?

Mortimer Peacock said...

Are we really going to do this? Have a "my team is totally SO better than your team!" "No, MY team is better!" fight?

I mean, really Mishey-

According to your profile you're 33 years old. Why have an argument more suited to 6 year olds? Do you really take the occasional mildly critical comment about the Lightning that personally?

But if you insist: As it happens, I do still think the Thrashers are the better team. If they'd played the entire game yesterday like they played the last few minutes, they would've won handily.

One more thing. Can we officially retire the use of the word "classy" as an insult? Not only is it wildly overused, but it was never that scathing of an insult to begin with. And oftentimes what people think of as "classy" isn't really classy so much as pseudo-polite and pseudo-genteel. It's a very suburban insult.

So STFU, etc.

Mishey22 said...

I don't think I've seen them play an entire game yet, to be honest. Granted, I haven't watched every game, but none that I have seen have been complete games.

The Lightning his six posts that game. Six. That's 10 times they got by Pavelec, whom I think is a better goalie than most people give credit for.

I didn't say "My team is better than your team". Only you guys threw that around.

As for classy being 'over used', I wouldn't really know as I don't follow internet trends as closely as you seem to. However, if talking down to me and calling me juvenile when I was nothing of the sort makes you feel like a big person, have at it.

Mortimer Peacock said...

Who said anything about the Internet? I'm more interested in word choice (and therefore word trends) than I am in internet trends.

Already had at it. I feel positively enormous now. And amusing as you've been, I think it's time you kindly ran along.

Mishey22 said...

I draw readers to your blog almost every day. You'd rather me not come because I disagree with you about the Lightning and don't think you should be condescending to me because of it? Okay then. I won't link to your blog anymore.