Saturday, November 28, 2009

Don't Call It A Comeback, We've Been Here For Years

So Morty and I leave my house after seeing us in a losing situation at 4-1. Both of us were pretty upset, obviously. So we preceded to the wonderful Highland Inn Ballroom to get ready for our DJ-ing set after the bands played, and we sat at the bar. Sitting there, we saw the game was on without our request. To our shock we saw the game tied at 4-4. Staring at the screen along with a close friend who happens to be a Sabres fan, we were shocked, confused, and excited to see such a situation. The bartenders were pretty into the game as well. Hockey does work in Atlanta.

Then I see Bryan Little make a dash down the ice to set up a beautiful pass to "Ten Gallon Dick" Peverley, and "boom goes the dynamite" score. Then the Party set the night on fire. Damn son, that ain't the kind of shit you can sweep under no rug. Then Morty and I killed the dancefloor. Goodnight.

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the jointhead said...

Well done sirs, and well done sirs.
I too was listening to the game, walked over to talk too my wife, came back and was like wtf happened. We scored 4 unanswered in like 3 minutes.