Monday, November 23, 2009

The Access Abyss

WARNING: The following post is intolerable inside-baseball, navel-gazing stuff about Thrashers blogging. Don't read it, ever.

Anyway. Some of you, I'm told, are wondering why the Chronicle didn't take part in the most recent Thrash-blogger event thingy over at Philips Arena this past weekend.

The short answer: We really just didn't feel like it.

The longer answer: We've done every other blogger event, and I think we did a reasonably good job of interviewing Coach Anderson and Evander Kane, but this one just didn't feel right. As awesome as sitting in the press box probably is, there are some places we belong and some places we don't. I'm very glad to see that the Thrashers have gotten serious about giving bloggers press credentials every now and then. It's good that they're recognizing that blogs can produce important content.

But you have to consider what kind of content each individual blog produces. I'm not sure if you've noticed, but the Chronicle is the scuzzy down-market tabloid of the Thrashers blogosphere. Like many tabloids, there's some sharp writing and quality insights every now and then (if I can dispense with false modesty for a minute and say so), but it thrives off of the bizarre and the trashy. If you thought of the Thrashers blogs as actual newspapers, Bird Watchers Anonymous would be the quality daily, the Times or the Guardian, and we would be the Sun or the Daily Mirror. I'm sure you can think of your own analogies.

If I were given free reign in the Thrashers press box, I would, like many others chose to do, type a live-blog of the game. But I would do it in the style of the Chronicle, and something tells me the Thrashers organization wouldn't be entirely comfortable with that. And that's completely fine with me.

When there's several million other Thrashers bloggers doing a live-blog of the game, and the game is on TV, and many of you are actually AT the game, there's less than zero point in the Chronicle doing a normal "oooh good chance for Slava but FLEURY SAYS NO!" type live-blog as well. UNLESS, of course, we could do it in our peculiar style and tone, which isn't exactly suited to a space for the credentialed press.

So basically the only way we could truly do what sitting in the press box requires is if we watered down the Chronicle's style, domesticated it a bit, etc. And that, kids, ain't gonna happen, ever.

I hope we get invited to future Thrash-blogging events (interviews with players and coaches, etc.), but the press box isn't for us. There are Thrashers blogs that fit very well there, of course. They're all listed under "Thrashers Liberation Front" in our blogroll and I urge you to check out not only their reports of the recent blogging summit, but their regular, daily output.

Another reason we couldn't bring ourselves to sit in the press box: We were playing the Pittsburgh farking Penguins, for chrissakes, and we wanted to drink and make tortured animal noises and high-five our comrades. Anyway...


Daculafan said...

Morty --

First off....Hey Buddy!!

Second, hated to see you guys missed the morning least do that shit!! was Rich frickin' Peverley for Pete's coined his shoulda been there..but I totally understand your reasoning.

Just so you guys were missed and though you may be the enquirer of Thrashers blogging..I love the fact you know what you are and you're not changing it

You guys rock..keep doin' what you do

j_barty_party said...

"Tortured animal noises"...priceless.

Also, to Dacula's point about missing Ten Gallon Dick, y'all shoulda been there to lambaste Don Waddell for lying about the Kovy negotiations...AGAIN!! But then again, that was a between period interview in which he completely contradicted his stupid ass by saying they are now talking money and term...BIG EFFIN' HUH??

At this point, they should be talking term, maybe, and official particulars like a potential out-clause for him if we still suck in 2 years, a special throne for him in the shower and a singing studio for Nicole somewhere in downtown ATL so she can be close to Ilya with the kids when doing her "thang" get my drift.

How in holy hell have you not pinned down the amount if y'all have already exchanged offers and numbers prior to this??? What a freakin' jackass!? He's going to screw this up and I only hope Dudley can make a blockbuster of a deadline deal that will a) get us in the playoffs and b) convince Kovy to stay.

But then again, if his freakin' foot doesn't ever heal, and he keeps loafing on defense, then perhaps we should trade him to Boston for Patrice Bergeron, Matt Hunwick and one of those shiny # 1 draft picks they got from TOR.

Sorry, I guess I'm still in a pissy mood after yesterday's game. I can't imagine how shitty I'd feel about it if I actually got to witness that will-stealing, marrow-sucking, fan-screwing of an effort for the first 45 minutes of the game. And Fishey-stank from Tampon Bay became my kicking-dog.

Mortimer Peacock said...

Mr. Speaker-

I think "will-stealing, marrow-sucking" is about right. I came pretty close to leaving after the second period. The fact that I was hung over didn't help.

You're exactly right about this Kovy stuff. It's bizarre that we haven't heard more about it. Even more bizarre is Kovy's recent play, as described by RCP below.

j_barty_party said...

Yeah, y'all (hat tip to Razor) have elucidated Kovy's malaise quite well in the "Reasons for Concern" section of the below entry. I was actually cursing Kovy's mother, father and called his wife something that rhymes with "bore" all in the hopes that the psycho-karmic, reverse jinx that obviously turned Afinogenov's season around might actually help Kovalchuk.

But alas, he was dragging more ass than an old Buick with five passengers and a trunk full o' junk! I hope to hell it is his foot and it's not him losing focus due to the fact his heart is not totally sold on staying in ATL despite the potential of this team. If it is the foot, then he needs to stay in Atlanta and let the troops go it without him @ DET and @ CAR. He should rest up and come out like gangbusters vs PHI and FLA at home.

Razor Catch Prey said...

I wasn't aware that the event included an interview with the Pevs Dispenser! Or that there was a morning skate component at all for that matter.

We really should have sent someone to the morning portion.

I wonder if he got the Pez Dispenser I gave Thorburn to give him...

The Falconer said...

I watched this game from the stands too. I had some old friends attending with me and didn't want to abandon just for press box popcorn. Very nice to see a full house--more energy--even if many were rooting for the enemy.

Mortimer Peacock said...




About the morning thing, I can only plead 2 things:

1. I had no idea Peverley was going to be there.

2. I've just had a lot of things going recently, things I badly needed to get done and involved staying up most week nights working on them and badly needing sleep on Saturday morning.

We'll be there next time, hopefully.