Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Via Kevin Allen's Twitter...

"Rookie Evander Kane will start the season on Atlanta's 3rd line, probably with Colby Armstrong and Rich Peverley."

Interesting. So they DO expect Army back. Assuming the top six will be Kovy, Little, Antro, Kozy, White, and Fins, it sounds like Marty the Party Reasoner is either being bumped to the fourth line or the press box for the first few games.

Shooter and I discussed this possibility last night and agreed that the Party is a solid team player who will play whatever role is needed, while Army and Pevs might not react as well to fourth line minutes.



Speaker of Spudz said...

Can't see Marty getting bumped to the pressbox when he is so valuable on the PK. But I can see him playing 4th line C or RW with a rotation of Boults & Mr. Potato Head (aww Gratton did it again!) on the left side to keep our guys' knuckles fresh. I wonder who told KA that Kane would get the nod when it doesn't seem apparent Colby will even be ready for action on Saturday. Why rush him when we are off for another 4 days before the game on10/8?

Pevs -- Reasy -- Kane

Boults -- Slater -- Gratton

Yes, I'm on the spud-wagon!!

Razor Catch Prey said...

I don't remember where it was, but I heard the other day that they were thinking that both Hainsey and Army would be back for Saturday. Army's twitter is full of notes about laying around on the couch and nothing about practicing, so who knows? I think the Pevs Party Van would work just fine for a third line on opening night if Army can't go.

Razor Catch Prey said...

Though my real question is still who are we suiting up along with Pops on D?

I hope Salmela gets the nod over Valabik. If Hainsey can't play it's a moot point since they'll both be in the lineup.

Maybe we can swing a trade for another quality D man. We have four top-3 centers. Maybe ship one of them out, reshuffle the forwards, and solidify the blueline.

the jointhead said...

Having not seen or listened to any pre-season hockey, are they forcing him in or did he really perform that well. Kane is a top six guy who needs top six minutes to shine. This he would get in the Chicago while most likely owning the AHL and building mad confidence (not that he doesn't already have it). I don't know about this one since we have obviouse depth in the bottom six and a set top six.

Daculafan said...

Jointhead - I think he's being a little forced in..the question is whether he's here for a 10 game look or here for the season. If it's only a look then the only place we can send him is back to Vancouver in the WHL because of his age.

Mr. Speaker said...

The Pevs Party Van will be rolled out on Saturday according to the lines in practice today. Army is skating in the yellow jersey with Spud Boy. I reckon they will be in the pressbox unless something drastic (no whammies!) happens between now and Sat.

Razor, I like the idea of searching for a trade partner to get another solid D-man...White could be an attractive option for a team lacking some O-fence. You know how me and "ten" feel about Big Doris "Clutch"man!!