Friday, September 11, 2009


- Today is September 11th. Take a moment to remember where you were on that day, and think about the folks whose lives were stolen, and those who gave their lives heroically.

- By now you've probably heard about the rumors of a three team deal involving Heatley. ESPN ran a report on the bottom line last night crediting John Buccigross and stating that Heatley had been traded to the Sharks, Marleau to the Kings, Stoll and I believe it was Kopitar to the Sens. A little while later they ran the same thing with a disclaimer that the Kings and Sharks GMs were denying the story. The link above will take you to Bob McKenzie from TSN letting us all know that there's no truth to it at all.

All in all, it sounded like a pretty fair trade.

- The Commrie press conferences from Edmonton this morning were the most somber and confrontational new-acquisition announcements I've ever heard. Sounds like the press were hammering Lowe and Commrie both pretty hard about their past differences and both got sick of hearing about it.

- The Penguins visited the White House yesterday to be congratulated by the president for winning the Stanley Cup. President Obama also greeted Willie O'Ree (or Billy, as Shooter calls him) and Mario Lemieux.

I assume he then spent an hour trying to convince Lemieux that the team would be better off with a government run training staff that was told by folks in DC what procedures could be done to help rehab a torn ACL.

- Thrashers hockey returns to the area in a matter of days. The team begins training camp tomorrow. They take to the ice Sunday. Thrashers prospects play Preds prospects at the Ice Forum Monday and Tuesday. In just ten days we get to sit in Philips Arena and watch the first home preseason game.

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And the tickets got here this morning Razor. I have yours... wonder how I can hold this over your head?