Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Those Silly Zherdev Rumors Are True

I'd thought they were just, um, rumors. But...Nikolai being interviewed recently by Sports Express Russia:

In the North American press there is conjecture that you could be excellent in combination with Kovalchuk and Antropov in Atlanta.

- The most serious dialog goes on with the Thrashers. It’s true there are other options. But personally I would like to end up in Atlanta, where several good Russian players play. It would be comfortable and pleasant to play with them.

- Have you already talked to Kovalchuk about this topic?

- I’m actively preparing for the season with him now, and of course I asked him about the city and the conditions on the team. Ilya, naturally, invites me to Atlanta with all his might (laughs). The company could indeed turn out to be first class. As you know I played last season with Antropov on the Rangers, we even shared a room [on the road]. And there’s also Vyacheslav Kozlov. Most likely, I’ll sign a contract with the Thrashers for one year — to begin with, it’s necessary to familiarize myself [with the team/city].


And I guess the Tooth Fairy is real too, because of this interview. And it's now true that all the criminals in Gotham City ARE defeated by the Batman.

[Via Beyond the Blue Shirts]


Big Shooter said...

Hey, if he wants to be here I have no problem with it. Bit of a gamble, but the guy is good when he wants to be.

By the way, are you THE SAME Mortimer Peacock that I read about in the Puck Daddy? Truly amazing stuff.

Razor Catch Prey said...

We need to have a system like calling for the fly ball in little league so we don't post simultaneously like this.

Big Shooter said...

I can only hope our lack of a system leads to inter-Chronicle blood feuds. Not enough of that going on in my opinion.

FrenchCatalogues said...

My head is spinning. This shit is crazy. I just hope that Peverley doesn't get screwed some how. I mean I know he is a maybe what if kind of guy, but damn if he is awesome we've got a surplus.