Monday, September 21, 2009

10 Quick Impressions of Tonight's Game

(updated below)

The pre-season one. That took place tonight. Underwater. Against the Canes. In front of a crowd that was really not so bad, when you consider that half the metro area is under water and several people had no option but to cock the wagon and ford Northside Parkway.

1) My God do I love Nik Antropov. Let's hope his 3 assists tonight mean something.

2) As bitchin' as his goal and his assist tonight were (and they really were), I was actually damn impressed by Pavel Kubina's defensive play. He was hitting a good bit for a pre-season game, and he broke up Carolina plays like a hot secretary.

3) I was even more impressed by Pavel Kubina's black eye.

4) A few other people around the Thrashers blogosphere have already commented on Little's kick-ass goal on the feed from Kovalchuk and Antropov. It did, indeed, kick ass. Let's hope that it's a sign of things to come.

5) Mark Popovic deserves a spot on this team.

6) Whoever the guy is who took Boris Valabik's old number doesn't.

7) Moose is still Moose.

8) Toby Enstrom had a very nice carry-in at some point in the game (early 3rd period, I think). Puck-moving defenseman, he.

9) Paul Postma is goddamn awesome, offensively and defensively. Still a year or so off, though.

10) These Thrashers are fast, fast, fast. And they shoot the puck a lot.

Let's not get ahead of ourselves, folks, but this team looked pretty good. Or so I thoughted.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Razor told me he saw Maxim Afinogenov wandering the concourse. That is all.


swegs said...

very niiiice!

Mike Chen said...

People often forget that Tortorella used Kubina as his shutdown defenseman when he needed to shadow someone during a playoff series. He rendered Jagr ineffective when the Bolts played the Caps a few years back.

Daculafan said...

Good post...looking forward to getting to the bulb tomorrow.

Mortimer Peacock said...


I have to admit I had no idea how good Kubina was defensively. I was definitely impressed last fact, if I had to pick just one player that I thought was super-solid I'd pick Kubina.

Unknown said...

Jim Slater's wrist shot. He got off 2 real good ones, both missed the net (naturally) but he did hit the glass, so there is hope.

The best thing that can happen to ANY hockey player is get out of Toronto!