Tuesday, September 8, 2009

This and That

Hockey soon, but not soon enough.

I've got nothing, so here are some wild and wooly Thrashers-related things you probably already know about, but what the hell:

- Brave Chronicle operative and author of multi-sport blog Just Straight Random "A2B" has alerted us to this fine piece from the world of the Hockey Writers. It is, indeed, very well done. And I hope it turns out to be right.

- Then there's Dan Kamal. The fellow who should've been given the TV play-by-play job (seriously, can nobody tell me why they can't simply put Dan and Darren together and let them rip on TV and radio at the same time?). He's now a-twitterin', seems a natural for the medium (unlike your editor, what with his lack of pithiness and shit), and he's also prepared a generous preview of the Thrashers' upcoming season, in the form of an interview on the radio machine. Sadly for us, Lil Jon and the East Side Boyz rudely disrupt EVERYTHING before Dan can get out a single word.

Haw, not really! In fact, Kamal seems optimistic about Kovy in particular and the team in general. The radio interviewer dude's line about Kovalchuk being "more married to Atlanta than Marian Hossa was" seems correct and obvious. You know, from what I've heard so far (it's still unfolding in my ears) it's a fine listen. So listen.


Razor Catch Prey said...

Though it's nothing that couldn't be overcome, I think the reasons most teams don't have a single audio to broadcast over both TV and radio are:

1) Separate sponsors. If you notice, there are very different commercials on the radio and tv. Plus, there are different ways of advertising on the two. Radio has random plugs during the actual broadcast, while TV leaves the advertising to cut away commercials and sponsored segments like the Powertel Powerplay.

Breaks don't even correspond, and while it's not impossible to work around, that would be confusing to contend with for the broadcast team.

2) Subtle differences in style. In radio you have to verbally paint a picture of what is happening. When your audience can actually see it on tv, such verbose descriptions actually detract from the call.

3) Graphics and replays. Today's tv uses so many overlays and instant replays that convey information or help clarify things. TV broadcasters can refer to them, or will comment on them. This would confuse or at least irritate radio listeners.

4) Kamal just isn't the camera-friendly pretty boy that McConnell is. Let's face it, JR will be on TV while Rod Brind'amour will join somebody's radio team.

FrenchCatalogues said...

Look if Pierre Mcguire can be on tv anyone can.

Wayne stuck in AL said...

Funny; when Kamal replaced Ken Double as the Atlanta Knights' announcer, he did both radio and TV (but that could've been a cost-saving move)...

BTW: Why doesn't someone hire Ken Double? I'm sure his organ-playing gigs don't pay that much...

Big Shooter said...

I thought Ken Double was excellent!! It even took me a while to get used to Kamal.