Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Late Morning Briefing

- The Thrashers prospects manhandled the Predators prospects last night 6-3. Hot and famous young goal-slinger Jeremy Morin, who your Chronicle once interviewed, scored 2 goals and added an assist and by all accounts played quite well all around. Taylor Swift will be even more pissed off now. Razor Catch Prey attended the game, and may or may not have a report on the way.

Another thing. I think it's fair to say that Evander Kane is officially no longer a prospect.

- The Falconer and his armada of new writers have constructed a season preview over at Bird Watchers Anonymous. Quite optimistic (justifiably so, in our opinion), readable, and hey this was my favorite part for some reason:

Each member of the top four can make a good outlet pass. The addition of Kubina greatly upgrades the passing of the 2nd D pairing. Last season, smart teams pressured Hainsey and made him dish over to his partner Exelby who frequently just dumped the puck to center ice. The Thrashers are very likely to establish a new record for points from their defensemen in the coming season.

I keep trying to tell people something like this, and they're always like, "Yeah but Mike Komisarek, how 'bout 'im?"

- Ben Wright with a curious post on Johan Hedberg. Money quotes:

Johan Hedberg might not have put up the most outstanding statistic of his career last season, but he is still one of the most respected players in the Thrashers locker room, if not the entire league.

If not the Milky Way!

Johan Hedberg is an example that other goalies should be following when it comes to both attitude and fitness.

Oh snap. Is that some sort of stealth dig at a certain injury-prone Finn?

- According to Vivlamore at the AJC, Bryan Little says he's going to score even more goals this season, although "it's not really about the numbers, man."

- The new Thrashers season tickets look bitchin'. Deep dark icy blue colors, an all-star cast of Kovalchuk, Bogosian, Enstrom, Kozlov, and Little, etc.; one of those rare times the Thrashers Aesthetic Department gets something really, really right. Now if they could just change from the third jersey to something with the iced Thrasher logo...

- Good news Chronclites. Your entire Chronicle staff will be invading the town hall meeting with John Anderson, Don Waddell, Rick Dudley, and Colby Armstrong tonight. We all plan to ask variations of "Hey, remember that time we signed Nik Antropov, and put him with Kovalchuk? Is that gonna be cool?"

- And what...what the fuck? I just checked my email and saw this thing:

Hey Mortimer,

I had a short notice event put on my desk and I figured I would send it out to my season ticket holders to get some guests. We have a breakfast with Don Waddell in Duluth Wednesday September 15th, 2009 (tomorrow!). Attendees will need to be there at 8:30am and Don will speak at 9:00 during the Thrashers practice/breakfast at the Ice forum. It should last about an hour or so and you are free to leave whenever you like. It’s a unique time to ask questions on a one on one basis with Don. THIS IS A LIMITED EVENT SO I WILL TAKE THE FIRST 7 TO RESPOND TO THIS E MAIL!!!

Thank you for your response and I hope to get you there.


If my Google robots can be trusted, this email arrived at 10:17 AM this morning. Last time I checked, September 15th is today, not tomorrow. I can't go anyway, but I'm curious to know how, hypothetically, I can go to Duluth and ask "Hey, remember that time you signed Nik Antropov?" at 9:00 if I get the "short notice" at 10:17? That's, like, Ultra Short Notice. So short you get the notice after the event has happened. The Thrashers organization is getting too avant-garde for my plain-man tastes.

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the jointhead said...

I agree on the iced jersey logo. I have an affectionate attachment to my original kovalchuk jersey with the "bat thrash" and aposomatic coloration. To goalies it must have seemed like some wild venomous animal decending on you. I only wish I could call it lucky.