Thursday, September 24, 2009

Are the Ruskies Coming to Own Us?

Sorry I couldn't find a clip with English subtitles. Amazingly, YouTube doesn't have one yet. But if you ever want a rollicking good cinematic time in the company of the Russian analogue of  The Godfather, rent Pavel Lungin's 2002 masterwork Tycoon. Great movie.

What's all this about? Puck Daddy's Dmitri Chesnokov is onto something, on the Twitter:

Do you think other Russian oligarchs will try to move into the US pro sport field?

They've already moved into every other Western country's pro sport field.

I believe Russian oligarch = shady.

Oh, come on now. What makes you say that?

KHL's Medvedev once said they were monitoring the Coyotes case very closely. Does this mean there is a Russian oligarch waiting to move in?


The team a New Russian would want to purchase? NYI. lot of Russians in the NYC area.

Good point. A while ago I toyed with the notion of getting the shadiest, most mafia-enmeshed and blood-drenched Russian oligarch we could find to purchase the Thrashers.

If Bettman hates Balsillie, I wonder how he'd deal with a Russian oligarch. Worth pondering.

Yes, it's a slow day here at the Chronicle. I would talk about Wayne Gretzky stepping down, or the Sharks signing Malhotra, but jesus dude who cares?

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