Thursday, September 17, 2009

Best Pre-Season Shutout Disaster of All Time

Game a'stilling going on, but winding down. Getting exhausted with all this interpretative dancing to Dan Kamal business. Dan tells me there's going to be a shoot-out at the end of the game, for Laughs.

Tonight's pre-season jamboree against the Nashville Predators was, I gather, more or less a try-out for prospective fourth line grinders (plus Evander Kane). From the sound of it, everyone is terrible and there will be no fourth line this season. Oh, and Drew MacIntyre? Hm.

Then again, this was a game that saw the Thrashers send their fourth line try-outs (plus Evander Kane) against J.P. Dumont, Jason Arnott, Steve Sullivan, and Shea Weber. Ha ha, BULLSHIT. Judging from Kamal's commentary and the Falconer's liveblog, it sounds like Kane, Mark Popovic, and Tim Stapleton come out of this game relatively well. Also: Boris Valabik threw down, as did Arturs Kulda, so hooray! But the conclusion remains unavoidable, my friends: there will be no fourth line this season, because of the Terrible. All fourth liners from now on will be played by Maxim Afinogenov.

Oh yeah, there's something you might want to look at here. There's simply no point in fighting the zeitgeist. 

UPDATE: Thrashers win the shoot-out! Thank you Jason Krog!


Wayne stuck in AL said...

Valabik, a -2; Salmela, a -3.

Anderson put Kane on the PK...

the jointhead said...

Who said you could post a picture of me????? This is all slight of hand by those in power. Manny mans the pipes next time and we play our top 9 and beat the nazis 8 to 2.

The Falconer said...

Whomever thought it was a good idea to post that picture needs to stop drinking and posting at the same time!

Daculafan said...

Aaah...that picture is burning my eyes!!

Make it stop mommy!!

FrenchCatalogues said...

Hey I think that's my dad!