Monday, September 14, 2009

"The lamplighters are at work. It's Hockey Season Eve for certain." paraphrase Fozzie Bear.

All kinds of Thrash stuff going on lately, what with the season just a few weeks away and all.

I haven't had the opportunity to waltz up to training camp just yet, but that's what videos like this are for:

Nik Antropov in a Thrashers jersey is some crazy shit, yo.

Some sort of Q&A with John Anderson, Don Waddell, Rick Dudley, and Colby Armstrong tomorrow evening at Philips Arena. I reckon I'll go, but mainly for the atmosphere, the feeling of being the arena again, etc.

Hey, anything you kids want us to try and ask? Like, possibly, "Say big fella, why no Nik Zherdev? I know Evander Kane is gonna be the cat's meow, but don't act like you're from Squaresville, daddy-o."

Whatever happens with Kane (I know he'll be good, but he is quite young), I can't help but think it might be a good idea to indulge Nik Zherdev and sign him to the one-year contract he wants. But tarnation, what do I know?

This brings us to the line combinations for 09-10. It looks like Anderson has already decided who's playing with who, and reckons we're just going to run with:



1st thought: I hope Peverley can continue his glory as a winger. I'm really not sure if the Pevs Dispenser can be the Pevs Dispenser if there's no one to dispense to. But again, John Anderson is an NHL coach and I'm a publisher of hard smut on the Internet.

2nd thought: I suppose Kovy and Little played too well together to split them up. It's good that they'll be line combo BFFs. I just hope Antro (who I still think was a hellacious signing) can get the face-off business done. I'm already having dreams about him standly rudely in front of the net while Kovalchuk and Little race about like crazed jackalopes.

3rd thought: All I am saying is give Mark Popovic a chance.


Daculafan said...


I'm no John Anderson...but I'll say this..Pops looked good on Sunday..excellent physical condition and was making some good defensive moves on the forwards during drills. Good positioning and they weren't able to get around him for a clean shot at all. I don't know what Johnny boy is going to do..but I'm with you...give Pops a chance

Mortimer Peacock said...

Yeah, I read your notes from day 1 at training camp and it seems like there's all kinds of good options right now. Wish I could've gone.


Big Shooter said...

I believe that was Fozziewig that said that. Or was is Mrs. Fozziewig...

Mortimer Peacock said...

Fozziewig, I'm nearly certain.

Anonymous said...

grill him hard on Zherdev. don't take no for an answer! ATTACK!
i too seem to think that a year of development for Kane (then have him as a Thrasher when he is still a spry 19) would be better....... especially if there is this 24 year old 60-point fella who has actually expressed interest in playing for the Thrashers. Don't let any dollar stuff throw you off. Zherdev's salary (for only one year) needs to be earmarked for Kovy anyway.

GoPuckYourself said...

Find out what Army's thoughts are on this current group that we got, and ask him about what it's gonna take to keep him here long term. I remember hearing an interview on 640 AM in Toronto where he said they ran out of time on a long term deal, so they went with the one-year instead. Let this dude know that he's wanted here.

Oh, and ask Army to be the intermission interviewer. He showed in the videos on the Blueland Blog he's got the chops, and he's infinitely better than Natalie Taylor.

Wayne stuck in AL said...

A commenter on Mirtle's blog said the Zherdev signed with the KHL.