Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Hockey News Loves Us

Dashing Chronicle operative "Go Puck Yourself" has alerted us to the following: Adam Proteau of the Hockey News simply does not care for the Blueland Chronicle, or for squirrels on his head.

It's fun to be mentioned in such venues, of course, and the Hockey News needs blog links and the occasional blog war to generate traffic, but I was actually more interested in a comment left under the offending post by a certain "Joe":

You guys might be taking Proteau's articles just a little too seriously. It's kind of weird that you're calling him names. Maybe even a bit pathetic that you care about his predictions that much? I don't know, just putting that out there...

You have to love that passive-aggressive "I don't know, just putting that out there..." Seriously folks, if you think we're idiots, just say so. None of this "I don't know, you guys kinda maybe might be not altogether unlike fucking assholes. I don't know, just putting that out there..." business. Just say "you guys are pathetic." It's very liberating, and it makes for plain, forceful English.

As for taking Proteau too seriously: it's not about any one hockey journalist, "Joe." It's not even about the Hockey News. It's about the miserable groupthink and banality of the hockey press. As I told "Joe" in the comments, we think bores and cliché-mongers should be exposed and laughed at. That's all.


FrenchCatalogues said...

I don't care anymore. I just wanted to get a rise out of a writer, but they never want to fire back at me. It's a shame. It's like the Houses of Parliament, I wanted a shouting match and then followed by a bunch of smug people laughing and coughing at each other.

But I do have to say don't most NHL teams have tribal fans? Isn't that a part that makes this sport interesting? How devoted and cutthroat fans can be?

I never said to kiss my grits. I said to kiss my yam smacking, cornbread eating, cousin marrying, nascar loving, friend chicken chewing, shotgun shooting ass. That is what Georgians are like right? No no, I kid Adam, I do love grits though. The flying biscuit, the original, in Candler Park, has amazing grits.

I just want Adam to stop by and say hey. I just want to say Hey Buddy.

FrenchCatalogues said...

It also appears he didn't like my High Fidelity joke. Adam! Why won't you let me into your heart!?