Friday, September 4, 2009

JP Out, McConnell In and Other Brave Tales

I figured this was coming.

JP Dellacamera is off to do soccer full time, and from now on Darren Eliot's dramatic monologues will be accompanied by Matt McConnell's sexy play-by-play.

In response to this news, our Thrash-blogging comrade the Falconer tweeted: "Why didn't they promote Kamal to the Thrashers TV booth? Hello mute button."

Leaving aside how good or bad McConnell might be, for the life of me I've never understood why the Thrashers have never 1) united Kamal and Eliot, and 2) made the TV and radio feeds one and the same. Why hasn't this happened? WHY? HEEENNGH?

Meanwhile the 09-10 TV schedule has been released and it predictably blows ass. Another reason to get Center Ice, I suppose.

And finally, some dude at the Sporting News with the marvelous name of Luke DeCock has written a fair and reasonable Thrashers season preview, one that indicates he actually has some knowledge of the team, knows of what he types, etc.

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