Thursday, September 3, 2009

In Thrashers Training Camp, Freedom Looks Like Too Many Choices

But too many choices is a good thing, in this case.

OK, allow me to get this straight.

Not only have the Thrashers invited Manny Legace to training camp, but they've invited the likes of Mark Popovic and Dan Fritsche as well.

Your Chronicle editor must admit he has a soft spot for Mark Popovic. Indeed, I think he was one of our least horrible d-men (the best non-Swedish one, really) during the catastrophic 07-08 season, and I was sorry to see him run off to Russia for babes and rubles. But now he's back and trying out for the team, so hooray!

This Dan Fritsche guy doesn't sound too bad either. Still quite young, a U.S. Murkin, played for the Columbus Blue Jackets and the Minnesota Wild and some other people, seems solid as a fourth line sort of guy.

Come to think of it, Popovic looks a damn sight better than a few of the official Thrashers d-men contending for the bottom pairing. Two of them, actually. You know who I'm talking about. Not Anssi Salmela; that guy rules.

Also, from the Twitter files of USA Today's Kevin Allen:

Just talked to Atlanta GM Don Waddell and he says he's still confident he will re-sign Ilya Kovalchuk. They have traded offers.



Razor Catch Prey said...

"they have traded offers?"

No, no, no, no.

DW, as soon as Kovy says "Here is what would make me sign" you say "DONE!"

A2B said...

haha, I am sure its bonuses that they are saying as "offers". Which makes sense because I'm sure Kovy is starting to realize that if he takes a bit less money, the Thrashers have more to spend on other players to help him win here.

Big Shooter said...

Well, Mortimer... did you just make up the fact that Popovic and Fritsche are in camp? Where is the f#$%ing link?!?!?

I expect more from you.

Mortimer Peacock said...


The Popovic/Fritsche business is what we call "common knowledge." It's been written about in so many places that it's not necessary to link to anything in particular. And most importantly, I wasn't quoting anybody and giving the impression that I'd written it myself.

FrenchCatalogues said...

Kevin Allen says "ah NO!" to Zherdev signing with us. He says "Ah YEESS!" to carrot cake.

Big Shooter said...

Just because I've been known to do fake interviews on the blog shouldn't lower my credibility!!!!

Mortimer Peacock said...

Fake interviews are fine. Really.

I wasn't trying to give you a hard time just for the hell of it; the post just looked a little funny and I felt that your sources needed to be cited.

And I was a bit put off that you began the post with "Bare with me," which is basically an exhortation to the whole Internet to join you in nude cavorting.

Big Shooter said...

Dear Lord, is that how I spelled it?

I know the difference, just suppose I was having a nude feeling this morning...