Thursday, September 10, 2009

From Ben Wright's Twitter

John Anderson plans to play Antropov at center between Kovalchuk (LW) and Little (RW) to start training camp.

That's interesting. So where does that put White and Pevs? Both centers on the second line?


Via Craig Custance's Twitter:

Was told the reason Thrashers are holding off on Zherdev is partly because of Kane. Don't want to crowd roster if Kane is ready.

This is getting interesting.


Razor Catch Prey said...

I was just thinking about lines again. Considering how good Kane is looking up in Traverse City, and the real possibility that Zherdev signs a one year deal, that could really stir things up.

Let's start out with John "Goin' Down Hill" Anderson's Kovy Antro Little line, then look from there.

Obviously you keep Kozlov at left wing on the second line. Then you have a battle between White and Peverly for the center spot, and probably put Zherdev on the opposite wing. That would be good because it sounds like playing with fellow Ruskies is a big part of chemistry for Z.

So your third line would be centered by the loser of the White/Peverly battle royale. Then you have Armstrong on the right wing and Kane on the left.

As you may have noticed, I haven't mentioned TBC favorite Marty The Party Reasoner yet. As much as we love the guy, I think we'd be hard pressed to say that he's better than White or Peverly. At least the Peverly we saw last year in Atlanta.

I would be loathe to use Reasoner on the fourth line because I think it would be a waste of his talents. He's a better player than Slater, but Jimmy is perfect for that fourth line center role. Likewise, Thorburn and Boulton shouldn't budge from their spots on that line.

Thus, this would leave Marty Reasoner in the press box. While he'd be a great guy to have as your ready-five in case of injury, I don't think the organization would want to use him that way. So that makes him trade bait. Maybe you could get as high as a second rounder for him, or use him to sweeten a goalie deal. Or you could always keep the Party in lieu of one of those other guys (obviously not Kane) on the third line.

A2B said...

You can't keep the party off the roster... that is a huge hole in the PK you just opened there. I would like to see Kane in chicago just builing up muscle for next year and then putting the loser of the peverly/white battle on the left wing of the army-reasoner line. Lines would look like:


I think we would be wise making sure that we let talent develop now since we suddenly have a surge of forwards that can score. I love the way Kane is demolishing it down there, but remember he isn't playing 25 yr old men, he is competeting against 18-21 yr old prospects. The NHL is much faster and stronger. If he succeeds in training camp, then by all means let they boy play, but I want him to prove himself against someone that has a roster spot before we give him a greenlight.

FrenchCatalogues said...

I say hold on Kane, no need to rush at all. I don't want him to get hurt like Bogo. He is strong, but he isn't as strong as he could be.

The Party stays, don't trade the best guy on the PK, that's just silly. He is essential. We don't have Zherdev, so I'm not putting that in the mix. If we do that's awesome, but don't get caught up in it yet. Kane isn't ready despite how well he is playing. I simply don't want him to get hurt like Bogo or even Kovy in his first year.

Daculafan said...

I think Kane in the juniors is the way to go...also if you take a look at the Falconer's blog he makes a good case for it.

Isn't it nice to go into camp with the perplexing question of where to put legitimate talent though?

The Zherdev move (if done) has to show Kovy that D-Wad means business though...

FrenchCatalogues said...

It is nice, it's a kinda of problem. I say throw the money for one year with Zherdev, send Kane back to the W, and I have know clue which center we use. Switch them back and forth I guess. It'd be cool to see Zherdev play with Slava. Slava could mentor him for sure. Then when Slava retires one can definitely see moving Kane to his spot, in theory.

I saw the Falconer's post, which really convinced me that Kane should not be rushed. The part about the injuries is what got me. I just don't want him to get hurt.

Mortimer Peacock said...

Haven't left yet.

The Party Line

Send one of the Greek Gods to the underworld.

FrenchCatalogues said...

That's the thing if the Party is on the fourth that's not a bad thing. It's called kick ass depth.

FrenchCatalogues said...

I don't think this will happen though. I'm just going to say don't push Kane.

FrenchCatalogues said...

"This" being Party to the fourth

Anonymous said...

The top line might not be Anderson's decision this season, he might let Kovy decide and that's fine with me. What the Czar wants, the Czar gets.

Mortimer Peacock said...

Mr. Recaps-


And re:the whole Zherdev vs. Kane business, I think DW would be a fool NOT to sign a guy who's expressed strong interest in coming here, who the Czar likes, etc.

I can deal with another year of Kane in Vancouver.

FrenchCatalogues said...

It honestly would just be too sick for Zherdev to play for us.

Razor Catch Prey said...

I think that if we can have somebody solid on the third line who is as good or maybe just a small step behind an 18 year old Evander Kane, then Kane needs to spend the year in Vancouver putting meat on his bones.

Reasoner or Peverly on the wing this year probably fits that bill, and we still have Stapleton, Crabb, Machacheck and others waiting for an injury in Chicago.

Razor Catch Prey said...

BTW, if anyone wasn't clear, "Goin' Down Hill" was another John Anderson song reference, not a remark about Coach Anderson being on a decline.

Daculafan said...

Realize that if we bring in Zheredev then you're looking at 3 legitimate scoring lines...we'll be beastly up front...and with the 4 we got covering the blueline...I'm ready for the season...the question then becomes is Leht's groin, groin...gone or does he stay between the pipes for about 65 games this year...if he makes better than 65 we're gonna be damn tough to beat...I say we make a real run at Ovie and company

Jay said...

All of the talk about Zherdev and Kane and Party is mute if Lehtonen is hurt. He is the absolute key to the Thrashers season. Offense with this team, even as is, isn't going to be a problem. Stopping the puck is what it boils down to. Hedberg is below average at this point in his career, Pavelec showed that he wasn't ready last year, so unless he has improved by leaps and bounds, it comes down to Lehtonen. He has the talent to be a Top 5 goalie in the NHL, he's used to seeing about 40+ shots a night(and can handle it), he just needs to stay healthy.