Thursday, September 17, 2009

And If All Else Fails I Am the Prince of Wales

First pre-season game of the entire dag-blasted season tonight, in Nashville. It's being covered on the Internet by the likes of Ben Wright and the Falconer, and it can even be heard on the wireless! 8:00 PM on 680 The Fan. Dance party at my place.

And by "dance party" I mean interpretative dance to Dan Kamal's voice.

Roster and line combinations here. Evander Kane's first game as a grown-up Thrasher, apparently.

Lots of decisions that need to be made during this training camp: the Kane thing, the goalie thing, what happens with Maxim Afinogenov, etc. MAXIM AFINOGENOV. And MANNY LEGACE. What the hell is going on? Tough, complicated choices.

So here's a ditty about life's tough, complicated choices. This one goes out to you, John Anderson. This decision is yours.


FrenchCatalogues said...

Where the hell are the keys to the game!?!?! My mind can't comprehend at game preview without them. Are the lines subject to change?

Rawhide said...

Keys To The Game - Score more goals than Nashville.