Thursday, July 9, 2009

What Would You Have Us Ask of Evander Kane?

Good news, Chronicle-ites. Ben Wright and the Atlanta Thrashers organization have invited some blog-craftsmen (and craftswomen, of course) to interview a few Thrashers prospects during Media Availability Time on Saturday. Your Chronicle will be face to face with the likes of Evander Kane, Paul Postma, Eric O'Dell, Spencer Machacek, Angelo Esposito, Carl Klingberg, and more!

If there's anything you'd really, really like to know about any of these fellows (including all the prospects I didn't mention), leave a question proposal in the comments section and we'll see if we have enough time and space to work the best ones in.

Have at it.

Then again we know all the interviews will probably go something like this:

BLUELAND CHRONICLE: Uh, so you're, you're Evander Kane.


BC: Um, so, that's cool.

EK: Yeah, I guess so.

BC: What does it feel like?

EK: What?

BC: Yeah.

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Seriously, leave your question ideas, because Lord knows we haven't started brainstorming yet.


Jay said...

To Eric O'Dell-"Do you think the Thrashers comitted highway robbery in acquiring you for a stiff like Eric Christensen?"

To Angelo Esposito-"When are you going to be ready for full action, and do you think that a year in Chicago playing for the Wolves would be the best thing for you?"

To Paul Postma-"When do you see yourself competing for a roster spot, and what aspects of your game do you think you need to improve on?"

To Evander Kane-"What would you bring to the Thrashers that could help them this year?" and "Are you more comfortable as a center or a winger?"

Mortimer Peacock said...

All good questions, Jay, and honest to goodness I was thinking of asking O'Dell the exact same question.

A2B said...

I would like to hear which team treated O'dell the best.. Thrashers or Ducks.

I'd also like to know what Don Waddell said to Espisito that made him turn his game around so fast and made him the player he once was touted to be.

Ask Evander Kane what is the most intimidating part about being drafted in the NHL.

Anonymous said...

I think all of my questions would begin with "Hey, um, do you remember that time..."

So, my question to Kane would be "Hey, um, do you remember that time you were drafted by the Thrashers?"

Laura (aka Hildymac) said...

Oh, *you guys* are gonna be there too. I guess they'll just let anyone in. Swell. :D

Seriously, though - we need to organize some sort of secret handshake or signal at camp Saturday so we know who the bloggers are and sit together, comparing notes and scribbling furiously like real reporters do.

Mortimer Peacock said...

It really is absurd that the Thrashers would even let us in, but I think we comported ourselves reasonably well at last summer's John Anderosn pow-wow. I asked how excited he was to work with talented players like Erik Christensen.

Speaker of Truth said...

Jay -- mad props for the question about the larcenous O'Dell deal! LOL and guffaws all around.

MortPea -- nice use of the word "comport"...not used often enough in today's lexicon of English vernacular.

Questions for Kane:

What does he think of fellow prospect and WHL'er Paul Postma? Did he school him like Socrates inside the blueline?

If he were a sandwich, what would be on it? I need to know for my Thrasher-themed sandwich shoppe!

Regards, SOT

Laura (aka Hildymac) said...

Mort - did you guys ask that with a straight face, and was JA in on the joke?