Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Per TSN, DW/RD have re-signed Jimmy Slater!

The league's best 4th line has put ink to paper and will be frightening visitors to Philips Arena again this Fall.

So to date, the Thrashers have under contract:
Kovy, Pevs, Antro, Kozy, White, Little, Marty the Party, Slats, Thor, and Boults.
Army has elected arbitration, so he's back as well, we just don't know how much he's going to get paid and whether it'll be a 1 or 2 year deal.

That leaves one forward position up for grabs among the Crabb/Macachek/Kane/Stapleton crowd or another acquisition.

Defense is looking good, too, with:
Bogosian, Enstrom, Hainsey, Kubina, Oystrick, and Peanut all under contract.

I'd like to see us upgrade one of those 3rd pairing guys, though if Oystrick and Peanut can both take a decent step forward from last year, they'll do nicely at about 9-12 minutes per night.

Our goalie situation is still a logjam with 3 NHL netminders under contract:
Moose, Kari, and Ondrej the Giant.

Moose is a huge locker room presence and the quintessential back up goalie. Kari and Ondrej each expect to be starting for an NHL team this season. Somebody's got to go sooner or later.

Toronto just dropped off the market for a goalie. Colorado has Anderson and will be happy with him unless/until he proves himself unready for the starting job in October or November. Dallas and San Jose have aging goalies who need reliable youth behind them who can play 20-30 games. Somebody make us an offer.


Speaker of Truth said...

Peanut! Love it! Better than "Salmy" or "Fancy Anssi" as a moniker. Do Finns really love peanut butter like we do in the States I wonder?

Just started posting on your blog after "lurking" for a couple of weeks. Really enjoy you're humor and writing style. Keep up the good work!

And see if you can get that Pevs Dispenser to open up and spit out that would be quite the technological feat!

Razor Catch Prey said...


Glad to have you around! We'll have to see if Aaron from Blueland Outsider knows how to add animation to the Pevs Dispenser. He did a great job making that one.

I don't know if Finns love peanut butter or not. I've been to Sweden and did have it there, but as any Swede or Finn will tell you, the two cultures are very different.

Mortimer Peacock said...

Welcome, Speaker!

Don't be a stranger. Remember, at any given moment it's possible you're being considered for Comment of the Day (whenever we re-institute that). I think you'll fit in just fine around here.

Speaker of Truth said...

Y'all are too kind! I really like the non-condescending air about this place...I mean, any blog where Pevs is a candy dispenser and Kovy is wearing a fedora is right up my alley! I normally post regularly on Rawhide's blog, but I need a fresher perspective on all things Thrasher. I'm sure you have your share of trolls as well, but I'm sure your pest control will be a bit more humorous and entertaining.

Oh, and getting back to the topic at hand, I'm happy to have Jimmay back in the fold. A bit surprised by the 1 year deal (expected 2), but perhaps Slater sees all the youth in the pipeline as a threat. Anyway, I hope we get his career best this year (I'll guess 13 goals and 15 assists) and he ups his stock accordingly. More importantly, I hope he gets better at reading and reacting on the PK.

The Short Handed Mole said...

Glad to have you Speaker! I apologize in advance if I ever call you a Weenie. Know I don't mean it. :-P

Auld just got shipped to Dallas. Perhaps we won't be able to find a trade partner just yet?

Big Shooter said...

Dear God... that last post, as you may have guessed, was actually from me... Big Shooter.

As we all know The Short Handed Mole is in rehab. I've had my battles with him as well, but we patched things up. I was actually at his house feeding his fish for him while he is in rehab and used his computer for that last post, and didn't log out.

How silly of me.

GoPuckYourself said...

I'm also guilty of "lurking" myself, and had also thought about starting my own Thrashers blog. I quickly realized it would come off as a parody of TBC. You guys do a hell of a job here.

My thoughts on the Slater signing are best summed up with this...

"Now that's thinking with your dipstick, Jimmy!"

Big Shooter said...

Wow, "TBC"... we've made it to the big time boys, we are abbreviated now!!

Glad to have you on here GoPuck Yourself! Don't be a stranger, you weenie you...