Wednesday, July 1, 2009

THRASHERS GET KUBINA and other FA/Trade News and Rumors (Colby Armstrong is NOT going to be traded)

Not sure who we traded for him, possibly a goalie.

Fourth Period: "Leafs trade Kubina to Atlanta"
-Twitter and shit, yeah yeah yeah

Darren Dreger: "Kubina to Atl...not done yet."

Some Vancouver blogger is saying there's a rumor that Colby Armstrong is going the other way. I DO NOT BELIEVE.

- Serious Media Person Damien Cox of the Toronto Star is confirming that the Leafs have traded Pavel Kubina to Atlanta. He appears to have no idea who's going back the other way.

- Ben Wright seems skeptical about this "Army's been traded" rumor.

- HOLY SHIT Marian Hossa is going to Chicago. For 12 years. For 5something million a year. [Sean Leahy Twitter]

- Deep thought: TSN talking heads just said that Kubina and Thrashers are definitely in talks, but that it's not a done deal just yet. My speculation as to why it's not done yet: Burke wants Colby Armstrong, DWadd not willing to trade Army.

- Shit dude, sorry for disappearing. Had to run off for 20 minutes or so, for Important Reasons. What did I miss?

- Roloson to Islanders, etc.

- Prediction: Brian Gionta gets lavishly overpaid.

- Hey, look at this: "Kings pitched offer to Kovalev earlier today, as well as Gaborik." Clearly Gaborik is getting other offers. [Fourth Period Twitter]

- 4th Period: "Hearing Knuble has signed with Capitals... 2-years." [4th Period Twitter]

- TSN confirms Knuble signing. GREAT signing, if you ask me. Exactly the right amount of time. Caps needed more grit.

- What the hell happened to the Pavel Kubina business?

- HELL YEAH "Colby Armstrong is not part of the Kubina deal. Thrashers not interested in trading Colby." [Craig Custance Twitter]

- Kevin Allen: "Have it confirmed that there is NO CHANCE the Thrashers will part with Colby Armstrong in any trade. He is considered an essential piece." [Kevin Allen Twitter]

- "Kubina to ATL is not done yet," says Craig Custance. Well man, what's going on? HEENGGH? [Craig Custance Twitter]

- Fourth Period: "Nik Antropov and Erik Cole mulling over offers." I hope we're included in Antropov's mulling material. [Fourth Period Tweeter]

- Khabibulin an Oiler, Erik Cole re-signs with Carolina, according to Bob McKenzie.

- As if the dearth of news concerning the Thrashers wasn't enough, I have to watch this Bouwmeester/Sutter press conference.


Jay said...

Dreger is saying it's not done yet.

Jay said...

Wow. Hossa to Chicago is a done deal.

A2B said...

Ok, I say we fire dudley and waddell if that is the case.

Jay said...

Hossa to CHI for 12 years $5.2M per season. Chi close to trading Huet apparently. LOVE Twitter.

the jointhead said...

So Hossa gets the zetterberg chicago. Not terribly pissed about that.

A2B said...

Anyone got any insight on why in the world he would take such a long contract and go there?

Jay said...

Havlat, Gaborik, Cammalleri are the top remaining UFA's. Would Waddell offer Kessel an offer sheet that there is no way Boston can match?

Jay said...

Because Kane, Toews, Campbell, Keith, and Sharp are going to be right there with him. Chicago just turned into a beast.

A2B said...

yeah, that is true, but when all those contracts blow up some one has to leave... who is it going to be? Im not convinced they will be a beast. Hossa really did dissapear in the playoffs again.

I would rather see us go after a player that does Ok in the regular season and turns on the afterburners when it counts. HOSSA IS A TEASE, a better version of christiensen

A2B said...

Hey just a thought to throw out there... I know we need a good right winger that has some size and good hands... why not try offer a great sheet to Ryan Clowe? Dude is huge and played on a team that is perinally a winner and could bring that pedigree to us

Jay said...

Hmm, would a Clowe signing make Armstrong expendable?

Jay said...

Roloson to the Islanders 2yrs/$5M. Edmonton would seem to need a goalie now. I wonder...

Jay said...

Who other than LA and MTL can offer big money now? If Atlanta REALLY wants someone, they have the room. Most teams don't now. LA gets Gaborik or Cammalleri. I have a hunch that Havlat comes our way. Maybe Cammalerri, too?

Mortimer Peacock said...


Sorry for the slightly late response, but I've always liked Ryane Clowe and I'd love it if he came to the Thrashers.


Make it so, hockey gods, make it so.

Jay said...

dantencer: RT @wise1269 BREAKING NEWS! Chicago Starbucks release new drink in honor of's served without a cup.

OMFG. That is hilarious.