Thursday, July 9, 2009

Evander Kane Media Blitz Underway

Looks like the Thrashers began their Evander Kane marketing onslaught as soon as the young man stepped off the plane.


An interview on 680 The Fan.

And this:

Questions, people, questions.


Jay said...

I've got a question for you guys, and the readers here on TBC. With some pretty good quality STILL on the free agent market, would you guys be in favor of signing a defenseman like Seidenberg, Morris, or Zubov as a third pairing guy, and turn around and trade Valabik and/or Oystrick? Also, would signing an Alex Tanguay, Miroslav Satan, or Maxim Afinogenov make any sense? Send Kane back to juniors for seasoning and placing one of the players just mentioned on the third line.

FA signing-Reasoner-Armstrong

Salmella-FA signing

Kozlov is getting older and might not stay healthy. Another quality FA signing would put Crabb and Machacek back in Chicago as some pretty good depth/insurance. It seems like the remaining free agents could come at a discount for a year or two. What do you guys think, and would this be possible for the Thrashers to pull off?

Mortimer Peacock said...

I could definitely dig signing Tanguay and Seidenburg and/or Morris. True story.

Downtown Atlanta said...

We need to take advantage of our depth to land a top tier role player. Move one of each Slater/Thorburn, Oystrick/Valabik, new AHL Goalies. For a big name role player/PK ace who's salary is limiting someone's cap space.

Big Shooter said...

All good points Jay, and in an ideal world I think that is what we would do (I know that is what I would do). Now, keep in mind this is just a guess and I haven't taken time to crunch the numbers, but seems like that would put us over what our budget is.

In a budget world in the NHL, we have to take advantage of young guys on their entry level contract that can produce. Not ideal by any means, but if Kane can produce at this level I think he will be here for that reason.

Anonymous said...

What kind of name is Mortimer Peacock anyway???

Stop skipping your workouts!!!

Jay said...

Didn't Levenson say that the Thrashers were willing to add money if it made sense? If they can get Tanguay or Satan on a one year contract with incentives, wouldn't that be better than maybe rushing Kane? Although with the media blitz the kid is going through, it looks to me like it's Kane's job to lose.

Mortimer Peacock said...


Not skipping so much as recovering from the previous one.

Razor Catch Prey said...

I get exciting just seeing Kane wearing that Thrashers logo.

Mortimer Peacock said...



Razor Catch Prey said...

Of course, I meant that I get excitED, not that I somehow become exciting when I see it.

As far as adding another piece through free agency, I think that we should be cautious. There's something to be said about giving one of our younger guys a shot rather than bringing in somebody for a lot more money who may not be that much better in an advanced stage of their career.

Bringing in a former goal scorer would take more cash than it would be worth and you'd end up with an overpaid older guy getting eleven to eighteen minutes per night. On the other hand, those minutes could help an underpaid younger player develop.

Another option is to bring in a career long 3rd line player who is priced just right, and then bring up the younger guys to fill in when we're hit by injuries.

My pick would be to sign Mike Grier.

Jay said...

I like Grier. I'd be ok if the Thrashers did that.

The Short Handed Mole said...
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