Friday, July 17, 2009

There is No Hockey

right now, in the summer. The delirious highs of the draft, free agency, and prospect camp are over and done with, and we'll have to wait until training camp at the end of September for any substantial NHL action.

But that doesn't mean there aren't hockey things to talk about.

There is exactly one interesting hockey-related thing going on right now: ice girl try-outs. The estimable crew at Melt Your Face Off knows what's up: they've generously documented a few try-out notices from various teams around the league.

The Phoenix Coyotes contingent is called "The Pack." Who knew? The one on the far left of the 2nd row sports a very nice combination, I have to say. Glasses + ice girl wear = the Smart One, possibly?

Oh yes, there is one other hockey news item to report. Chronicle commenter PK Waldrop has heroically converted the Thrashers 09-10 schedule to Excel format, for any of you that wish to import it to Excel. Email him at for the goods.

That's pkwaldrop at hotmail dot com, folks.

This is Friday, isn't it? I think that means I'm obliged to offer you all a Friday Fun Post.

Been in a Tex Avery/Chuck Jones sort of mood lately. Some stone-cold classics:

Another early Tex Avery:

Does. Not. Get. Any. Better. Then again, there is Daffy:

And WWII-era Bugs, possibly as funny as The Great Dictator:


FrenchCatalogues said...

The Sherlock and Pimpernickel were always my favorites as a kid. Daffy was so much better than Bugs, IMO

the jointhead said...

Smart one or young Nina Hartley?

Mortimer Peacock said...


Yes, they are awesome. Did you watch the two Tex Avery cartoons? They're absolutely glorious, great works of art.

And Jointhead-

You CANNOT put those thoughts into my head!!! OMG...nevertheless, awesome. +1, as the kids say.